Three Tricks to Saving Money on Your Wedding Flowers

Wedding Wednesday: Three Tricks to Saving Money on your Flowers

Flowers are one of the highest priced items in your wedding budget. Can you imagine, brides are spending an average of $1,000 – $2,000 on flowers, and that doesn’t even include the reception! We used a local florist, and a few tricks below to stay right around $1,500 for the bridal party and centerpieces for the reception.  (more…)

All In One (Social) Rhythm – The 2014 FIFA World Cup

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The World Cup began yesterday, and you don’t need to be in Brazil to feel the excitement. For the first time in World Cup history, social media networks have transformed into a hub of country support, score updates, and conversations surrounding the largest soccer event in the world.


The 2014 World Cup has taken social media by storm, inviting partnerships with social networks and the matches to be married in one happy, worldwide family. Take Twitter for example – from the moment you login, the network asks you to show support for your team. Scroll through the options, pick your favorite team and be invited to change your header photo and profile image to a selection of pre-chosen images supporting your country. Once you’ve shown the Twitter community your support, the network provides you with the must-follow list for your team, including athletes, reporters and coaches. These users will provide you with first hand looks inside the stadium, in-match commentary and post-game reaction from the field.


But why stop there? Continue your social media support of the World Cup with a pre-drafted Tweet, and get their followers involved by asking them to choose a side and join in the conversation.


Back on the timeline, #WorldCup2014 is a prominent trending topic. This customized timeline shows more than just tweets, photos and video – you can see each team’s Twitter profile, as well as a scoreboard with game times stated in your time zone.


Twitter isn’t the only social media network screaming Viva Fútbol – Facebook has also gotten into the World Cup action with their own Trending Topic page, including similar scoreboards, team pages and a unique fan map, showing where the top World Cup athletes on Facebook and where their fans are located.


Pair these social media network take-overs with the large anticipation, and you have a record just waiting to be broken. Since June 2013, a year before the games were set to take place, there have been 19 million mentions of the “World Cup” on social media, overpassing both the Super Bowl and Winter Olympics. Even the United States, where we’re keen to calling it soccer instead of the worldwide term of fútbol, have generated 1.5 million mentions.

Social media savvy brands such as NikeBeats by Dre, and Coca-Cola have all taken note of the buzz, creating viral videos, posts and more to put their stamp on the World Cup. FIFA sponsor Budweiser has shown an integrated approach with their advertising, transforming their social media timeline into a hub of World Cup excitement. They have even developed an application, “Paint the World,” inviting users to show their World Cup support by virtually painting their face and sharing the image on their timeline.


Whether you watch live, online or just casually follow along with what your friends and family say, I encourage you to look out for the ways social media enhances your World Cup experience.

Will you be watching the World Cup? 

Cinco De Mayo: Homemade Burrioto Bowl a la Chipotle!

There are a few facts one must know when it comes to Mexican food: Queso is king; Chipotle can’t be beat, and no matter what anyone tells you, tequila is NEVER a good idea.

While Chipotle can’t be beat, it can be copied. After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and until a Chipotle opens up within the 63129, flattery will have to do. Honestly, this is the easiest dinner you’ll make all week.

Friday Five: We All Bleed Blue, Caffeine Needs and More

Waking up is never easy, but after last night’s TRIPLE OT winner – there really is not enough coffee in the world. Alas, it’s been a good week and will be an even better weekend.

1. #WeAllBleedBlue:

I can’t lay claim to staying awake the entire second overtime (Andy woke me up for snoring with about five minutes left) or not sleeping through the intermission, however, thanks to an overly loud Vine video, I woke up seconds before this moment.

2. Bachelorette Party Weekend


Tomorrow is my bachelorette party! While Andy had his fun at the lake a few weeks ago, it’s my time to celebrate. I can’t wait to see what the girls have in store for me, and I’m so excited to finally check out Ballpark Village! Plus, look at these shoes. Is their anything more fun to wear?

3. Revenge

I started watching Revenge on Netflix last summer at the gym – I wasn’t consistent, but it gave me reason to stay on the elliptical longer. With Chromecast and a little extra time, I’ve become a binge watcher, and am a few episodes into Season 2. I’m kind of obsessed, and Emily should go ahead and lend me her wardrobe.

4. Coffee

 Drink Coffee - on my daily to do list so I can cross one thing off

Okay – I’ve NEVER been a coffee drinker, but ever since Andy & I got a coffee maker for my bridal shower, it’s been game over. I’m not sure I can function in the AM without it anymore.

5. Sleep

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Because there is no such thing as enough.

Social Media Advice for the Graduating Class of 2014

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being a sponsor for UMSL’s Digital Marketing Conference. In case you weren’t aware, the University of Missouri St. Louis has a fantastic Digital Media Marketing program in their School of Professional and Continuing Studies, and host an annual conference discussing the State of Digital Media, job advice, and more. My company, Twist St. Louis, had a booth at the conference, providing me with the opportunity to meet and talk with a ton of fantastic professionals and students.


25 in 25

Today is my 25th birthday. I’ve been alive and well for an entire quarter of a century, which seems INSANE! I’ve decided instead of following a silly Buzzfeed list of must-do’s this year, I’m going to create my own.


What 25 things do I want to complete in my 25th year?


DIY Baseball Wreath

The sun is shining, the snow is melting – this only means one thing. It’s almost spring baseball season in St. Louis! As any good St. Louis resident knows, spring is meant for baseball. And as every homeowner knows, spring wreaths are necessary decorations. Insert my DIY Baseball Wreath!