Glatz’s Game Day Chili

For the St. Louis area, the chill in the air (and the pennant race) signifies the beginning of fall. Fall also means football. Whether you’re a college fan or an NFL fan, knowing how to make a good bowl of chili is key to surviving the season. No one knows this better than my dad.

Like clockwork, the first 60-degree day results in me begging my dad to make his famous chili for the upcoming weekend. My dad is a chili purist – meat and beans only, and he has passed on this purity rule on to me. Now that I’m no longer living at home, this past weekend proved a key moment in my adulthood – replicating my father’s delicious recipe.


Target + TOMS: A Match Made In Retail Heaven

In case you missed the news, Target and TOMS will be teaming up this holiday season to bring customers a limited edition collection benefiting both TOMS One for One initiative and FeedingAmerica.

Ate It: Chicken Parmesan

Face it, Chicken Parmesan is one of the best Italian dishes around. Skip the expensive white tablecloths and $8 glasses of wine and make your own at home. Plus, it’s a weight watchers recipe, so you can leave the guilt at the restaurant.


Three Tricks to Saving Money on Your Wedding Flowers

Wedding Wednesday: Three Tricks to Saving Money on your Flowers

Flowers are one of the highest priced items in your wedding budget. Can you imagine, brides are spending an average of $1,000 – $2,000 on flowers, and that doesn’t even include the reception! We used a local florist, and a few tricks below to stay right around $1,500 for the bridal party and centerpieces for the reception.  (more…)

All In One (Social) Rhythm – The 2014 FIFA World Cup

As seen on Twist’s Blog

The World Cup began yesterday, and you don’t need to be in Brazil to feel the excitement. For the first time in World Cup history, social media networks have transformed into a hub of country support, score updates, and conversations surrounding the largest soccer event in the world.


Cinco De Mayo: Homemade Burrioto Bowl a la Chipotle!

There are a few facts one must know when it comes to Mexican food: Queso is king; Chipotle can’t be beat, and no matter what anyone tells you, tequila is NEVER a good idea.

While Chipotle can’t be beat, it can be copied. After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and until a Chipotle opens up within the 63129, flattery will have to do. Honestly, this is the easiest dinner you’ll make all week.

Friday Five: We All Bleed Blue, Caffeine Needs and More

Waking up is never easy, but after last night’s TRIPLE OT winner – there really is not enough coffee in the world. Alas, it’s been a good week and will be an even better weekend.

1. #WeAllBleedBlue:

I can’t lay claim to staying awake the entire second overtime (Andy woke me up for snoring with about five minutes left) or not sleeping through the intermission, however, thanks to an overly loud Vine video, I woke up seconds before this moment.

2. Bachelorette Party Weekend


Tomorrow is my bachelorette party! While Andy had his fun at the lake a few weeks ago, it’s my time to celebrate. I can’t wait to see what the girls have in store for me, and I’m so excited to finally check out Ballpark Village! Plus, look at these shoes. Is their anything more fun to wear?

3. Revenge

I started watching Revenge on Netflix last summer at the gym – I wasn’t consistent, but it gave me reason to stay on the elliptical longer. With Chromecast and a little extra time, I’ve become a binge watcher, and am a few episodes into Season 2. I’m kind of obsessed, and Emily should go ahead and lend me her wardrobe.

4. Coffee

 Drink Coffee - on my daily to do list so I can cross one thing off

Okay – I’ve NEVER been a coffee drinker, but ever since Andy & I got a coffee maker for my bridal shower, it’s been game over. I’m not sure I can function in the AM without it anymore.

5. Sleep

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Because there is no such thing as enough.