Getting Personal

I’m Back

It’s time to start anew & move Sorry I’m Not Sorry to it’s new location – WordPress.

I need a boost of journalistic energy, and a “new” blog is just how I plan to create that energy [even though energy can not be created or destroyed – wow, can’t believe I actually learned something in grade school science!]

While the topics may change, the entertainment value will not cease to exist. Be prepared for posts on life on the 9 to 5, (puppy) love, my beloved blues, and the latest and greatest advertising trends [which is NOT copying the old spice ads – sorry DQ, Velveeta, etc.]

As stated on the original, there is no need to apologize for how you feel. The blog will take on my personality – bubbly and blunt. If you don’t like it, kindly make your way to the X circle on your browser. If you do then I’m glad to share.

Feel free to tweet at me [@alglatz] if you want to hear my take on something, want to agree, disagree, send me to the bahama’s – whatever.

I don’t seek out to offend, however, if I do – Sorry I’m Not Sorry.

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