Time for the Situation to Change Pants?

Abercrombie and Fitch Will Pay Situation to Stop Wearing Its Clothes –

Is anyone shocked on this? Really, I enjoy seeing these douche bags and second class sluts make fools out of themselves just as much as the next guy, but can you blame a company for not wanting an association with them?

From the marketing department standpoint, the Jersey Shore cast are not the target market that A&F wants to reach. They need positive role models to show off their six-sizes-too-small shirts and I-can-see-your-cooch shorts.

While the Shore reaches that target age group (can you believe parents are letting their 14-year-olds watch this shit?), it goes against one of A&F’s strongest marketing concepts – to NOT oversaturate the market. Unlike some of their competitors [i.e. PacSun, Hollister], you cannot find an A&F in every mall in America. Forever 21 has a similar strategy.

Will MTV & the Shore cast members agree to this settlement of sorts? I can’t see why not. A&F is not currently paying for product placement, so it’s an automatic pay day for producers. Did A&F create their own buzz concerning this matter? Yes, but only time will tell if the buzz is beneficial or damaging to the company of half naked men.

Don’t care? Sorry I’m Not Sorry

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