st. louis

It may not be the South, but it’s definitely the Best College Town

Columbia, Missouri < Best College Towns – Southern Living.

Ah, my beloved alma mater. Columbia, MO truly is one of the greatest places in the world, and definitely one of the greatest places in Missouri.

As a sorority girl, you aim to be a southern belle. Southern Greek life is the holy grail of letters. Being named one of the best college towns by Southern Living gives Columbia that additional boost of confidence, class and charm.

Sure, some people are against the small-town feel or the ten college kids for every inch of land, but personally, I couldn’t find a better place to spend the best three & a half years of my life (don’t judge – I’m an overachiever.)

From the quaint yet busy downtown streets to the beautiful campus of the University of Missouri, Columbia brings more to small-town living. Whether it’s the community support on football Saturdays, the farmers market every Wednesday, or the original homecoming celebration, there will never be a city to make me smile at the mere mention of it like Columbia.

You can leave Mizzou, but Mizzou will never leave you.

Sentimental? Sure. Proud? Definitely. Will the South rise again? HA, Missouri was considered the north anyway.  Sorry I’m Not Sorry

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