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Advertising Fail: St. Louis Blues, “Don’t Stop Believing”

Most of you will read this headline and say, “You can’t be serious.” Unfortunately, I am. VERY serious.

After last years “pay half now, and pay the rest when we secure our playoff spot!” disaster, I fully expected the entire marketing department to be fired, black balled out of the St. Louis advertising community, and possibly tarred and feathered. Clearly, the organization chose none of these things and kept these idiots on staff. (And we wonder why there are so many unemployed workers.)

Don’t Stop Believing is the song everyone chose to sing hammered at karaoke night. It’s the song college kids screamed on their decks in Panama City; the song teams like the Leafs play after being 40 points out of a playoff spot. Basically, it’s as influential as an anteater.

Not only is there a complete lack of strategy, (can you picture this meeting? “GUYS. We have the best idea EVER. Since we’ve sucked the last five years, let’s let the fans know that it isn’t time to give up. Let’s tell them, (huge impact font swirls into the power point) DON’T STOP BELIEVING!” It makes me cringe just thinking about it) but the logo looks like it was created in a fifth grade computer class. I realize the economy is tanking and we still don’t have an owner, but that’s really the best you can come up with?


If I was the Blues marketing director, this idea would have never left my idiot interns brain. You want to activate our fan base? Focus on the experience of the game. The team sold out all 41 home games last year. There’s an excitement about sitting in 309, bonding with fellow season ticket holders, honking in the parking garage post game. Capture that emotion. “There’s nothing quite like it.” “Experience the Nosebleed.” Hell, “It’s Always Better on Ice” could have been more successful.

Will it discourage sales? Probably not. Will it be the laughing stock of the NHL marketing departments? Definitely.

It’s one thing to admit your faults, but it’s another to promote it with million dollar ads.

I welcome any “support” for this campaign. If you can make an argument for this being a “good” idea, be my guest, but don’t be surprised when you’re shot down faster then Cam Janssen’s scoring ability. Sorry I’m Not Sorry.

UPDATE: Believe it or not, it can get worse. Please see the first ad via Puck Daddy. Plus, “Born & Raised in South Detroit?” Our biggest rivals? Way to go marketing department.

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