Branson, MO: Billboard Capital of the World

As we roll down 65 south, I see the (hideous) billboards for Branson, MO – Vegas for the 65+ crowd. However, as this is my destination for the weekend, I felt it was necessary to take advantage of the, um scenery.

Every city has billboards for local attractions whether it be theme parks in Orlando, sports teams or museums, they are all put to shame by the display Dixie Stampede, White Water and the thousand country jamborees in southern Missouri. And the best part? 90 percent have not been updated since Apple released their first computer in 1984.

“The best show in Branson” may have been true in 1990, but in 2011, you have to wonder if the people featured in the ad are even alive anymore. While attractions such as Silver Dollar City continue to improve with new rides, the shows on the strip are 100 percent original: aka, they are using the original script from 1967.

If ad agencies got ahold of some of these boards, Branson traffic could be through the roof. But until then, it will be reserved for crazy church groups, red hat ladies and the few 20-something’s looking to get away for the weekend. Sorry I’m Not Sorry.

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