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NHL Social Media Policy

NHL institutes new social media policy – – News.

The time has come NHL fans. No longer can we see tweets from @CamJanssen55 to @BizNasty2point0 talking smack before a game. No longer can @EhStew13 tell the Twitterverse how loud the crowds are. We can’t even see @Panger40 comment in-game about his entertaining antics. Yes, the NHL is cracking down on tweeters. @Ochocinco is very glad he choose football now.

I can’t say I’m surprised. While it does increase fan interaction, social media can distract players during game time and before. The new rules indicate that players are to cease from social media activity two hours prior to faceoff [think 5pm for most Blues games] until their media obligations are over post game – typically around 11pm. Hockey operations staff are “blacked out” from 11am until 11pm, or post-game obligations are through.

Tomorrow kicks off the preseason and the unofficial start of the social media policy. Will this prevent smack talk? Not at all. Will it increase fan curiosity? Of course. Will it make Gary Bettman step down as GM? Unfortunately no, but it is strange to believe that this will be a small topic of discussion before the next potential lockout.

Sorry you can’t see what @Osh74 is listening to before the game, but then again, Sorry I’m Not Sorry.

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