Fall Crafts: Tailgate (or Halloween) Wreath

OK – you may not realize I absolutely adore crafts. My mother was a florist for years, and I took floral design in college (yep, it’s a real class!) So when I saw a Mizzou wreath on Etsy, I knew I had to make my own.

Now, this can easily be switched out with different ribbon colors (I plan on taking the “Mizzou” off and adding an orange bow for Halloween!) or for different schools (although why would you ever like another school?)

What you need:

14 inch Styrofoam wreath
3 – 15 yard spools of black tulle
2 – 5 yard rolls of 2 inch black floral ribbon
1 yard of yellow floral ribbon
Floral pins
Wreath hanger
Yellow paint (I got the little bottle of spray paint)
Wooden letters
Craft glue

Wrap the black ribbon all the way around the wreath. It doesn’t take too long however it’s easier if you hold the roll as you loop it around the Styrofoam.

Spray (or paint) the wooden letters. These need to dry before placing them on the wreath – it only took mine about 10 minutes.

Take the tulle and cut 12-14in pieces. This is by far the most time consuming thing – I used nearly all three rolls.

Tie the tulle around the wreath. Keep the knots in the same area – you’ll need to fluff out the tulle for looks.

Place craft glue on the back of the wooden letters and attach them to your wreath. They seem “weak,” but trust me – they’re on there!

Create a bow out of your yellow ribbon and attach it with a pin to the inside ring of the wreath.

If you need to, trim the tulle around the wreath to even it out. Otherwise, you’ve got yourself a good looking wreath for fall!

Thanks to Baby Rabies for helping me on the tulle part!

One reply on “Fall Crafts: Tailgate (or Halloween) Wreath”

Love this! Found it on Pinterest. I just made a very similar wreath, though mine was made with black burlap. Turns out we have more than just our wreaths in common…I was an APhi at Mizzou a few years back. Good luck with your blog, GO MIZZOU!

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