Getting Personal

3.5 years of college broken down into 20 photos.

OK – this isn’t going to be easy. I just created a photobook on Shutterfly of my college experience (thanks Groupon!) I narrowed it down to 80ish photos on 20 pages, which probably sounds insane to some of you, and probably sounds impossible to the rest of you. So, to test my skills, I’m going to further narrow down my years at Mizzou into 20 photos. BIG BREATH…here we go.

Bid Day. I’m on the right, third over in the front row of seats. Little did I know this day would change my life – I would meet my best friends and have the greatest college experience a girl could have thanks to my beautiful Alpha Phi sisters. Sigh, it seems like this was just yesterday.

AEPi Marriage Party. This was my first Greek event and the first time I realized college is basically one huge Halloween party. Theme? Tarzan and Jane.

Barbie and Ken Party:This is by far one of my favorite pictures of college. The party was actually super dumb, but we looked so cute!

Freshman Year: Ah, my roommates. From left to right, Lacey, Julie, myself and Jordan. And yes, we put a tree in our little dorm. Also got a rabbit, but that didn’t end too well [no worries, the rabbit is fine, we just couldn’t keep him.]

Homecoming 2007: This was my first taste of pomping, house decs, staying up all night creating glittery signs. Yep – this was when I fell in love with it all. And yes, I am wearing a Hollister track jacket. Don’t judge.

Living In House: Oh 202. The second smallest room in Alpha Phi, yet somehow Kaitlyn and I shoved all of our shit into that one tiny closet, magically got bunk beds down to regular beds and even managed to have a sleepover or two.

Rush It, Love It, Alpha Phi! Oh yes, our first experience with rush. How freaking young are we? After perfecting walk outs and screaming all night, we somehow survived.

Babies! Yes, after a hell of a recruitment, we ended up with the cutest babies ever. Amanda, Grimm, Kelly and my little, Sammie. Instant besties.

Parents Weekend: It’s not like I could have done this whole college thing without these two!

PCB ’09. The origin to Sorry I’m Not Sorry. Sorry we party.

Copper Beech: Ah, the beginning of an era. This place was everything junior and senior year.

21 and Invincible: Erin’s 21st started off the greatest time of our lives – legality.  Shots for everyone!

ΛΧΑ Watermelon Fest: Hundreds of sorority girls chucking watermelons at each other – is there a better philanthropy? No.

Halloween: Need I explain? I didn’t think so.

Junior/Senior Pub Crawl: Crawlin’ til we Fallin’

Bid Day at the Columns: A total 360 from the first photo.

Tailgating: Partying harder than you since 1872.

Alpha Phi – Omicron Centenial: 100 years of Sisterhood

Formal: My last one with my great-grandbabies Kelly and Tori and my little Sammie.

Graduation: I may have just teared up a bit. Thank you Mizzou, the Journalism school and Alpha Phi for giving me everything I could want out of a college experience and so much more.


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