The Beloved and Hated Facebook Timeline

Whether you like it or not, the new Facebook timeline is set to go live on Oct. 4. If you can’t wait, there’s a solution for that as well. Myself, of course, is pretty impatient, as you’ll see below.

Now before you flip out, let me explain the awesomeness to come. Sure, I’m on board with the new newsfeed being a little excessive, but the timeline? Oh the glory!

Of course the most obvious change is the big “cover” photo (that’s me with Sully from Monsters Inc. at Disney). Note that this is still different from your profile picture.

Below the cover photo is your information – job, school, location, relationships, in addition to friends, photos, map (which I’ll explain later) and likes. You can also opt in to show notes and subscriptions.

Now the “wall” has been transformed into a timeline of your life – if you see in the top right corner, it shows now, 2010s, 2000s, born. Let’s click born.

Aren’t I precious? OK – that’s beside the point. Here is when your life starts – you can enter where your born (place or area), “to who” (aka your parents) and add a “story” regarding your birth. It’s cute to say the least.

Now, let’s trek into 2007. This was the year I graduated high school, which is commemorated by a “life event.”

Too cute. But these life milestones – graduation, engagement, marriage, children, new home…the list goes on and on – feature a photo and large story that takes up both columns of the new wall. Your other posts from that year – photos, wall posts, new likes, etc. – are scattered among these milestones. Here’s another example (my favorite, actually).

Gotta put the puppy in :).

Aside from the milestones, a new feature is the map. This has been sort of running for awhile, however it was not as prominent as it is now.

It’s a simple concept – any thing you post (photos, statuses, check-ins) can now be linked to a location. This is apparent on smart phones already, but this map outlines where you’ve been and what you’ve done there. Looking at mine, I have 21 “stories” that have been tagged to a location. 11 are in St. Louis – mostly check-ins, while the other dots are for photos and check-ins. Personally I have not tagged my status to a location.

My biggest complaint so far would be the continuity of the wall.

As long as notifications stay the same, this shouldn’t be a huge issue, however it is a little confusing as far as the timeline concept goes.

Thus far, I love the new timeline. I’m not sure how this will affect fan pages, but for a personal level, I think it’s a great new interface.

Love it? Hate it? Let me know.

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