Getting Personal


You know you haven’t blogged in a long time when WordPress logs you out. Yikes.

So, I posed the question on twitter – what do I blog about – and to my surprise, Andy replied, “what about me.” I immediately thought to myself, “lord, does he really want me to do that? has he read my blogs before?” but I never turn down a request, so here I go, channeling my inner Carrie Bradshaw, writing about love.

Andy & I met last summer at the hockey rink (yes, I hang around hockey rinks in summer – don’t judge) and hit it off immediately. I won’t bore you with the juicy details from then until now, but needless to say, here we are, 15 months later.

There are steps we are told to make in a relationship. Talking (I still don’t get this “stage”), dating, exclusivity. First base, second base, third base, etc. However when you fall in love, and I mean REALLY fall in love, you ignore all of that and do your own thing because hey, you’re in love, you’ve got love on your side. This is clearly the hard way, however, it’s also the way that brings you closer.

We moved in together in June, 11 months into our relationship, which was fine by both of us, because financially it was genius, and as mentioned above, we’re in love. This is the guy I want to be with forever, so while I should have maybe questioned my decision more, I didn’t. And I’m glad I didn’t, because it’s been great. Yes, GREAT. Sure, boys are messy. The bathroom smells more frequently; the video game consoles are in use more than I even knew they were capable of; the amount of food in the house decreases quickly. But you know what? As frustrating as it could get, it could never outweigh the feeling I get going to bed every night next to the person I love. Knowing that if I have a bad day I can come straight home to a big hug (and a lick on the face – can’t forget puppy!) means everything to me. I’d be lying if I said we never argue. Anyone who knows us knows our stubborn personalities can clash. But no argument can overrule the way we feel.

I’m not easy to live with. I’ll be the first to admit it. I let my emotions get the best of me and take it out on the people I love. I know I don’t make it easy for him, but somehow he sticks with me. I’m very lucky, because a love like this only comes once in your life. You only get one shot to make it work, and lucky for me, I’ve got someone willing to do that.

I truly appreciate everything you do for me Andy, and I don’t think I tell you enough. Therefore, I’ll give you exactly what you asked – you as the topic. Love you.

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