Gen X Radio: Commercial Free Mondays – Case Study

If you live in St. Louis, I’m sure you’ve stumbled upon 100.3 Gen X Radio. Really, it’s next to impossible not to stop. With songs like Nelly’s “Country Grammer,” Sublime’s “Santeria”, AC/DC “You Shook Me All Night Long” and even the occasional *NSYNC, “Tearin’ Up My Heart,” you can’t skip it. To make sure you don’t, Gen X has introduced Commercial Free Monday’s from 9-5pm. Yes, COMMERCIAL FREE.

This new pitch is interesting on a few levels. Clearly, 9-5 is the work hours, so most radio will be streamed during this time. Gen X is part of the iHeartRadio network, which promises no (see: limited) ads, so I’m not seeing a large decline in revenue for the station. Plus, the willingness for the station to disregard midday ads is well received with listeners. Just think, how often do you change a station because of commercials? Get rid of the commercials, and have long-term listeners!

Plus, this “promotion” of sorts just makes Gen X that much cooler. Where else can you listen to “Gansta’s Paradise?” Sure, they borrow DJs – poor Tessa Hall works the 8-10am shift at z107.7, as well as the evening (4-9) for Gen X. And yes, Gen X can be debating – sources cite the birth range from 1965-1976, while the Millennials, like myself, can be more in tune to the music played. But really, it’s just a great station that keeps getting better.

Seriously Gen X, stick with the Coolio and we’ll hit you up on AIM later.

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