Super Bowl XLVI Quick Preview…From The Ad Side

I don’t know who will be in this years super bowl. I had to think hard to remember the four teams left (49ers, Patriots, Giants & Ravens) OK – I had to Google to find the Ravens. But what I do know, is this years ads will blow you out of the water – or at least out of your taco dip for 1:30.


We’ll start with Doritos Crash The Superbowl contest. I’m sure you all remember last years darling pug and idiot owner who should know better than to anger said dog.

This year, it’s the dog who gets the last laugh in my favorite of the five finalists. Probably because I also dislike the other species.

I will have to admit though that the Baby Sling is pretty good, too. Plus, you just want to smack that chubby kid right out of his playhouse.

This competition has provided some great entertainment over the past 6 years, and this year shouldn’t break the trend. You can see all of the finalists at the link above, and vote for your favorite.


You remember last years memorable spot, right? With the little Darth Vader “starting” the all-new Passat?

Well, hold on to your seats folks. This year’s teaser follows along with the Dark Side theme. Or should I say the Bark Side.

Seriously – that’s just the teaser. And, if you watch it again, you’ll notice the pug on the left does absolutely nothing. (Thanks Chelsea for pointing this out!) I love the tie in with Star Wars, because even though I’m not a fan, I know exactly where it’s coming from.


AB-InBev has been pretty hush-hush, but they have bought 4:30 worth of ads. Some will most likely focus on the launch of Bud Plantinum, but I’m really pulling for a new Bud Light campaign. Last year’s Hack Job  just didn’t win me over, not to mention lacked campaign focus with the Dog Sitter spot. Let’s hope AB can pull out a top 5 this year.

Please, PLEASE stop letting them have space. I cannot stand Danica Patrick. But, unfortunately we’re doomed to two more ads this game day. Just keep Joan Rivers out of it this time, for all sanity sakes.

You’ll also see ads from first-year participant Dannon Yogurt, H&M featuring David Beckham, Chrysler and more. See the full list at Super Bowl Ads For Geeks.

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