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Social Media: Pass or Fail?

We’ll talk about how terrible I’ve been at blogging lately later, but right now, I must address the Columbus Blue Jackets Twitter account. Nearly all NHL teams have one to run promotions, announce lineups, introduce players and press conferences – the typical sports team information. However after trading Jeff Carter to Los Angelas for Jack Johnson and some draft picks, the account owner has been addressing some of the most ridiculous, point blank questions I’ve seen.




Call me crazy, but as a professional organization, wouldn’t you rather ignore idiot questions from fans clearly upset with the original signing (he’s not good enouhg for a 10 year contract)? I mean really, “what’s a hockey?” There are questions as simple as “are you a man or woman” and “what’s your favorite pizza” being asked, as well as questions regarding Carter, Johnson and other hockey-related information.

What do you think? Are the Blue Jackets doing good? (I clearly mean off the ice.)

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