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Kickass April: Day 1 Update

Don’t worry – I won’t post these daily! But, I did start the plan mentioned before.

I got up to Oakville High around 10:30am on Sunday morning only to find a baseball tryout. I wasn’t about to embarass myself in front of a bunch of 18 unders, so I popped over to the middle school track instead. (My goal is to do all of the Couch to 5K work outs on a track – more consistency in distance and terrain). To my dismay, the Couch to 5K app gave me all kinds of problems (my 5 minute warm up turned into a 15 minute warm up). If you start, I suggest you have an arm band for your iPhone, iPod, etc, because I kept it in my hand and it wound up pausing when I didn’t want it, too.

The Kickass April part though went fine. FYI – burpees SUCK. Day 1 is only :30 seconds worth, but I’m already dreading the two minute intervals at the end of the month!

I’m working an earlier schedule at work to be sure I can get my work outs in (7am – 3:30pm-ish), and I plan on walking the dog as a side cardio activity. Hopefully this 90 degree weather calms down a bit!

I’ll let you know how the first week goes. Feel free to share any tips or tricks!

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