2012-2013 Blues Schedule – A Fans Perspective

The St. Louis Blues have just released their 2012-2013 schedule, and it leaves me, the fan, with some observations.

(1) Home Opener: Thursday, Oct. 18 vs. Detroit – No one wants their home opener on a weeknight. While the opponent is desirable, it’s our third game of the season, which will cause a stir among fans (3-0: It’s our year! 0-3: Tickets for sale!). Bummer.

(2) Only 8 Saturday Home Games: OK – I have a 10-game weekend pack. While I’m pleased to see the Senators (I love hearing Oh Canada) and the Flyers, I’m curious to see how they will fill out the rest of the plan. For ticket guys reading this – I’d love the home opener. Thanks 🙂

  • 10/20: Wild
  • 11/17: Predators
  • 12/1: Senators
  • 12/15: Blackhawks
  • 12/29: Flyers
  • 2/23: Sharks
  • 3/16: Hurricanes
  • 4/13: Blackhawks (last game of the season)

(3) “Happy” Holidays: 10 back-to-back games in the month of December. Merry Christmas?

  • 12/1 vs. Senators
  • 12/2 vs. Flames
  • 12/8 at Rangers
  • 12/9 at Blackhawks
  • 12/14 at Flames
  • 12/15 at Blackhawks
  • 12/20 at Coyotes
  • 12/21 at Stars
  • 12/26 vs Blue Jackets
  • 12/27 at Avalanche

(4) Spring Fling: 9 home games in the all important month of March. Good news!

  • 3/1: Devils
  • 3/3: Penguins
  • 3/5: Avalanche
  • 3/12: Oilers
  • 3/14: Stars
  • 3/16: Hurricanes
  • 3/26: Coyotes
  • 3/28: Kings
  • 3/31: Ducks
I’ve got a feeling Big Walt wishes he was this size still.

(5) Welcome Back, Winnepeg: Tuesday, Feb. 19 the Jets will head to St. Louis for the first time since the two faced off in a Central Division match up on April 8, 1996.

So, take a look at the schedule, and let me know if anything stands out to you. Let’s all cross our fingers for a not-so-awful slogan this season.

One reply on “2012-2013 Blues Schedule – A Fans Perspective”

I can’t wait.
I’m excited for all the weekend games because that’s when I’m off work. (Not that work has ever stopped me from going to a game)
Bummed about the opener being on a thursday…against the red wings…still gonna try and convince Joe to take me. =)

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