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Top 5: Let’s Try This Again

OK – it’s been nearly 20 days since I’ve blogged.


SO – after nearly crying over Gabby’s engagement story and realizing just how great her blog really is (not like I didn’t know!), I’m going to TRY and get back into the twice-weekly habit. I can’t promise anything, but I’ll try.

Without further ado, let’s do the top 5 things I haven’t blogged about in the last 20 days!

(1) Big Brother 14: Is anyone else obsessed with this show? Andy made me watch it two summers ago when we started dating, so I saw the formation of Brenchel, and it’s just been growing on me! Plus, this season has Brittney again, and I just feel like the two of us would be great friends. It’s hard to find crude, sarcastic, peppy girls to hang out with!

(2) The Color Run: is 9 days away. NINE. And SHOCKER – I’m totally not trained. Hopefully everyone else got use out of my schedule! However, my new office (!) has a gym, so I’m just going to bust ass during the week here, and run at OHS on the weekends. I’m gonna try, that’s for sure! Is it bad that i’m already looking into doing the Glow Run 5K in October?

(3) New Job! Monday was my first day at Marcone Supply, an appliance part supply company located in City Place (Olive & 270). Seriously, the campus is beautiful, and I have my own office cube! It’s huge! My official title is Communications Manager, and i’ll be running all communication through our member website, social media, and more.

my gorgeous view at lunch 🙂
Lilly, Blues & Tigers. Yep.

(4) The Lockout: Yes, casual hockey fans, this season poses another lockout threat. Gary Bettman has stated that if an agreement is not reached by Sept. 15, he will cancel the season. After the effect of the 04-05 no-season, this could not go worse for the sport. The NHL is towards the end of their rebuilding stage, even gaining fans in sunny California after the Los Angeles Kings took the cup home. Taking a season off after televising every playoff game will just send all of those casual fans back to their NFL and NBA caves.

(5) Hot Wheels: Andy & I were able to visit with my Aunt & Uncle last weekend at their home in southern Illinois. Little did Andy know, he was heading into an adult playroom. My Uncle Roger has collected hot wheels and model cars since he was a child, and his collection of model cars is currently around 700. Mind you, his office is also the coolest thing EVER. Needless to say, this inspired the boyfriend to start collecting this favored childhood toy. We’ve got 49 race-able (see below) and about 25 in the package ready to be saved. And you know what? I LOVE IT. I was raised to be a motor head, and vividly remember a birthday party in which my older cousins Joe & Drew (Joey & Andy at that point) convinced me that the big box with my name on it was a hot wheels track. You can imagine my disappointment when it was a My-Size Barbie.

So there it is – everything you might have missed! Don’t judge me for my random tagging.

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