2 Replies to “Social Media Resolutions”

  1. Oh, I just saw I was listed on your blog roll!! May I do the same for you? 🙂

    Also, I personally don’t mind IG photos on Twitter. Yeah, there’s no thumbnail and it takes a bit to load due to the IG/Twitter war but I’m more pissed at Twitter for trying to rip off & displace IG by only pulling one tiny part of what it was that made them so successful. In my passive aggressive rage I’ve continued to just IG all over Twitter!! 😉

    My resolution is to keep watching for what’s next and simplify. I’m very tired of the way Facebook treats their users and Twitter has become very loud and crowded. I’m totally willing to give Pinterest, Flickr and even the new MySpace a real chance to see what they’ve got over time!

    Oh, and to keep using video even after Young & Free is over. LOTS AND LOTS of video, and probably through Vimeo primarily instead of YouTube!!

    1. Of course!

      I’m really interested to see how MySpace does. I think the new ownership and user interface will really set it apart. Pinterest is a great tool – YF does it well!

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