Advertising Fail: Commerce Bank


I dislike Commerce Bank. I never dealt with a worse customer service before, and luckily I won’t have to again.

Responding to social media comments is important, but not as much as READING them. I clearly stated I had moved on, and I wasn’t even the original poster.

How do you handle customer complaints on social media?

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While it can be fast, I honestly think just having a sort of auto response like “Sorry to hear that, please call xxx-xxx-xxxx” is a TERRIBLE way of handling customer service on social media. You’re right. it doesn’t show people that you’re listening or that you care. I recently complained about Walgreens on twitter because while all of the refill services they offer are convenient, it’s inconvenient that if the quantity or dosage of your prescription changes, you can’t use them! They’ll go to refill the old one. You have to call and leave a message every time. Well they responded to my generic complaint by calling the store that I go to and having the store manager call me. That person was obviously the wrong person to receive my message. She had no idea why those services worked the way they did.

Ashley, what was the original tweet/complaint about? Seems the one in the screen shot about was pretty ambiguous. If that was the only thing I could see, I don’t know how Commerce could have helped much more.

And please create a Home button on your blog. I could not go to your front page without hacking the URL. At least make the ginormous 1000-pixel-wide “GLATZ AND GLAMOUR” a link back home. Thanks!

Well the original was a straight forward complaint, but not from me. There was nothing Commerce could have done for me – I got rid of my account last year.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Hi Scott,

I was the original tweeter/complainer. I usually don’t go to Twitter for that kind of thing, but Commerce Bank found my bad side that day. I had called about an international purchase charge when I updated my anti-virus. Apparently just because Avira has U.S. offices, it doesn’t mean you’re paying them. The customer service was not responsive and actually quite rude. When I said I didn’t think they would help me further, the person hung up rather than the usual, “Is there anything else I can help you with?” Didn’t even get a goodbye.

My series of tweets was about how I was thinking of going to a credit union instead in the future for banking. That’s how Ashley and I (and others) got talking about banks, credit unions, etc. I got the same tweet as Ashley – a plea to call customer service back.

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