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Advertising Done Right: Tampa Bay Lightning

OK – hockey spots are not really ADDY winners. Most of the time, they’re short, filled with clips (or piano players) with little info. However a few teams are trying to break the mold, and I commend them.

Tampa Bay Lightning – Sully Hat Trick Pack

Recognize that voice? Yes, It’s Anthony Sullivan from OxiClean. With a voice like that, it’s obvious he’s not a Tampa resident, however he’s known well-enough to make you do a double take.

OK – this is actually their opening video, but while I’m on the subject…

Chicago Blackhawks – Stand For You


(Sorry, the NHL makes it impossible to embed their videos)

I love the city tie in. Even if it’s a city that just became hockey fans in the past three years.

BONUS: St. Louis Cardinals – Some Nights You Win the World Series

A better use of Fun’s “Some Nights” (at least to me).  Plus, it still gives me chills.

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