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The Best Day of My Life

Two years ago, I took a rainy (see: pouring) Saturday morning drive to get a pedicure. After driving through standing water with my wipers on high, I realized I left my gift certificate on my fridge at home. Frustrated, I made the trek back home and climbed back into bed.

When we finally got up, the rain had stopped to reveal a beautiful (and hot) sun. Andy asked me, “Would you like to look at puppies today?” I had started a new job the previous Monday, so why not.

Stop One: PETCO on Telegraph. While the adoption trucks were outside, to our dismay, they were not open due to electric failure from the mornings rain storm. Strike One.

Stop Two: PetSmart on Lemay Ferry. Most of the adoptable dogs were older, however we saw one little beagle puppy begging for attention. Again, to our dismay, the lady in charge of his adoption was not having anything to do with us. “You’re not married? You can’t get a dog.” “You live in an apartment? That’s no place for a dog.” Strike Two. 

Discouraged and running out of time (we had a BBQ to attend), Andy said “Well, there’s another PetSmart in Arnold, right? Let’s just check there and head to my parents.”

Stop Three: PetSmart in Arnold. I hadn’t lost hope, but I was pretty sure we would do better the following weekend. We walked past pens of adult pitbulls and labs (both much too big for our apartment), both thinking it was game over. Andy went left down the last isle to see a few younger dogs, but I stopped dead in my tracks in front of a pen of dachshund puppies. Most we’re sleeping, but one furball was laying on top of another, nipping at his sibling’s foot to play. I tried to get his attention so that I could pet him when the woman in charge came over. “Do you want to hold him?” We we’re right – it was game over. I did not set down our new baby until the papers we signed, check was written and we were safely inside of Andy’s parents.

One of the first photos of the infamous badger dog.

I called my parents from the car (which Andy had to drive, because I couldn’t possibly put down this little puppy), squealing “Guess what Mom? You’re a Grandma!” Looking back, it might not have been the best choice of words, but never in my life had I been more excited.

After debating on names (“Stewie” for Chris Stewart of the St. Louis Blues was an option), we decided on Yadi, after St. Louis Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina – both his Grandma and my Grandpa’s favorite player.

Starting for the Cardinals, number 4, Yadier Stewart Glatz Parks!

Two years, a $1000 carpet replacement and countless pairs of socks later, July 29, 2011 was still the best day of my life. 22 years of wanting a dog had finally come to an end, and I could not love this fluffball any more. Owning a dog has been trying on me, my relationship and my wallet, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. Today is his gotcha day (a big deal in the adoption world. I would know – mine is April 14), and while I thought I was changing his life, the truth is, he’s changed mine forever.

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”
― Josh Billings

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