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The Best Day Of My Life (the Sequel)

Ironic that my last blog post was titled “The Best Day Of My Life.” Little did I know my next post would upstage it.

Friday, August 16 started out like any other day. Andy & I were planning a date night before I headed off to the Lake for a girls shopping weekend with my mom, aunt and grandma. I asked what he was in the mood for and he said Texas Roadhouse. Steak? Why not. (For future reference, we had our first date at Texas Roadhouse.)

We sat down immediately (a bonus to Andy getting off at 8pm) and ordered. Andy was “starving,” but only finished about half his steak. I figured he filled up on bread before dinner. No big deal.

We head back to my house to watch Dexter (or so I thought). When we get in the driveway, Andy says “I’ve got a present for you.” He pulls out a little pink scrapbook, filled with our “firsts” – where we met (All-American Inline Hockey Rink), our first date, our first Cardinals game, our first Blues game, our first Mizzou game, a trip to Nashville and our dog’s first birthday. The last page said “The best times are yet to come.”

As we get out of the car and start walking toward the door, Andy asks me “Do you remember where I first told you I love you?” Which, of course, was my front porch, the day before I left for my senior year of college. I turned to him, and after a few sweet sentiments, down on one knee he went.

I teared up. I couldn’t see the ring or the box. All I could see was my boyfriend-turned-fiance, also tearing up, and ready to give me a big kiss. Andy had to hold my hand to put the ring on, as well as open my front door for me since my hands we’re shaking.

It was a complete surprise, and it was perfect.


So needless to say, I’m now the future Mrs. Parks! I’ll try to keep the wedding blog updated with engagement information, stories, help, etc. for everyone. And yes, it was the BEST day of my life. (Sorry Yadi)

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