Wedding Wednesday: Bridesmaid Wine Glasses

As part of my early New Years Resolution (maybe if I start now, I can last past Feb. 1!), I’m going to be blogging weekly (fingers crossed). Since my life is in a constant state of crazy, I figured a bi-monthly Wedding Wednesday post seems simple enough, considering I’ll become Mrs. Andy Parks in 184 days and all. Don’t fret, non-wedding warriors – I’ll keep the mushy stuff out and focus on the fun parts!

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and one of the things I’m most grateful for is my fabulous bridesmaids! And of course, if you’ve ever spent more than 5 minutes on Pinterest, you know you can’t just ASK these best friends of yours to be a bridesmaid. You have to make a statement (and pray that they don’t get engaged a hot minute later, AHEM…). 

Bridesmaid Wine Labels from Glatz & Glamour
Bridesmaid Wine Labels from Glatz & Glamour

Bridesmaid Wine Glasses:



  1. Get your wine glasses monogrammed. As mentioned above, I absolutely adore the ladies at Shirtabulous – they did the vinyl and added the ribbon. If you’re aren’t lucky enough to be in the Greater St. Louis area, try these DIY Monogrammed Glasses or the Chalkboard Glasses.
  2. For the wine labels – my Photoshop template is set to the Avery Durable Labels size. The fonts I used we’re Bebas Neue and Contribute, but you can switch it up to whatever feels right!
  3. Change the colors to match your wedding party (trust me, your girls will thank you for knowing in advance!).
  4. Print directly from Photoshop. If you try to export the labels as a PDF to print, you’ll lose some of the layers!
  5. Peel the front wine label off your bottle of wine (I used Sutter Home and they came off easily!)
  6. Apply your new label.
  7. Wrap, package and get together with your girls to ask them to be involved in the most important day of your life!
Bridesmaid Wine Labels from Glatz & Glamour
Bridesmaid Wine Labels from Glatz & Glamour

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