My Community Manager Christmas List

While I’m all for the Grown Up Christmas List, as a community manager, I have a list of my own. Santa – hear me out before you head to Facebook headquarters.

  1. Post reach. Call me crazy, but don’t people like a brand because they want to see updates from that brand? So let them see it.
  2. EdgeRank to die a painful death. Seriously.
  3. Trolls to be put in their place. I understand that your drunk self REALLY wants that avocado toast, but there is no need to cuss. It will be there in the morning for you and the other 30 customers who liked this post, too.
  4. Check In’s to Likes: Doesn’t it make sense if you check-in to a place on Facebook, you should be asked to like it? Just saying.
  5. Parent-Child Relationship: Mark/Santa, do you know how hard it is to engage with a local community as a big, bad brand? Just once I’d like to have a location page for each location my store is located, AND a brand page with aggregated likes. Is that so much to ask?

What are you wishing for this Christmas – work or personal? 

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