Wedding Wednesday: Wording Your Invitations

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Wedding Wednesday post! It’s not that the wedding hasn’t been a focus – but considering we move in to our new home next week (be prepared for LOTS of picture posts!), it hasn’t been top priority in February. However, before I move out of my parents, I’m determined to address all of my invitations! We won’t be sending them until Mid-March (6-8 weeks is the preferred timeline), but it’s better to be prepared!

As I’ve come across addressing, I’ve seen tons and tons of blog posts on how to “properly” address an envelope. It’s not that I’m not proper – I’m just practical! For those of you who also prefer practicality, I’ve got a cheat sheet on addressing your invitations.


Single Individual:

Miss Ashley Glatz


Miss Ashley Glatz and Guest

Personally, I am not allowing my guests a plus-one if they have not been dating for a year – at $65 a plate, I think it’s my right! If you are allowing plus-ones, try to find their name out beforehand and address it as an unmarried couple (below). 

Married Couple:

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Parks

Short, sweet and to the point. 

Unmarried Couple:

Mr. Andrew Parks and Miss Ashley Glatz

A lot of “proper” posts ask that you put them on separate lines – ain’t nobody got time for that! 

Engaged Couple: 

The Future Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Parks

You know how excited you get when you see your new name? You’re not alone! 🙂

A Family:

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Parks, Anderson and Miss Audrey

This is one where I did question the “proper” way , and I loved addressing my younger cousins as Miss! Boys under 18 can be addressed by their first name, but give the girls a little something extra. PS: don’t judge the unborn children that we’re just named. It happens! 

A Family over 18: (i.e. cohabiting adults)

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Parks
Mr. Anderson Parks

Adults (over 18) get their own line. This also works when inviting friends and their parents!

If you are going the professional route, The Knot has the most detailed invitation how-to. A big thanks to Love vs Design for my gorgeous invites!

2 replies on “Wedding Wednesday: Wording Your Invitations”

Guuuurl I love how practical you are. That’s how we were too. Aint nobody got time for that formal biz-nass! Or your guests bringing random dates who you don’t know (at $65+ a plate!). Getting so close!

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