Make Dinner Easy (Downloadable PDF!)

Being a homeowner and working full-time does not always leave time for Pinterest-inspired meals. However, with enough preparation, you can impress your parents, roommates or significant other. How do you prepare, you ask? With my handy dandy meal planner.


I’ve seen meal planners all over Pinterest, but none of them really gave me what I needed. I’m only cooking for two, so I didn’t need anything crazy. I don’t, however, have a printer. Therefore, I made an 8×10 size planner that I can pop into an empty frame (you can pick one up at the dollar store – glass works great with dry-erase markers!) and re-use week after week.

Don’t worry, tree killers, I’ve got an 8.5×11 for you, too.

Download the Photo (8×10) Version
Download the Standard (8.5×11) Version

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