Wedding Wednesday: My Bridal Shower!

With only 80(!) days to go until we say “I Do” and incredibly bare cabinets in my new home, it was time for my one and only bridal shower! Both Andy & I have small families, so I didn’t see a need to blow it out of proportion or separate my showers by friends/family/couples. My two maids-of-honor (and college roommates) Kaitlyn & Erin put the whole thing together, with my mother’s help for food. It was SO much fun – I couldn’t have asked for more!

Bridal Shower Ideas | Glatz & Glamour Bridal Shower Centerpiece | Glatz & Glamour

Straight out of a Pinterest board, AMIRITE?DIY Photo Booth | Bridal Shower Ideas | Glatz & Glamour

The photo booth was probably my favorite part. Yes, we had an actual, press-a-button-to-take-a-picture photo booth with props. As you can see, everyone loved it (especially my gorgeous friends, pictured above!)

Bridal Shower Games | Glatz & Glamour Our shower game had a simple premise, but was so much fun! Kaitlyn asked the guests and myself to answer various questions about me and Andy, and whoever had the most questions correct (as compared to me) won a prize! My favorite question? “What song best describes Andy & Ashley’s relationship?” which is, of course, “Forever” by Jesse & The Rippers.
bridal5If you guys are nice, Chelsea may do a how-to blog for this ADORABLE pillow.

Honestly though, it was SO much fun. We’ve got a stocked house and full hearts after this weekend!

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