Wedding Wednesday: Preparing For Travel

WWPinterestWhether you’re heading straight to your honeymoon or have a few more weddings to attend, traveling after marriage can be a challenge. Name changes can cause stress, and if you’re not careful, you could end up getting a pat down in the security line (not that I would know or anything…). Sometimes a simple checklist can help:


  • Pack before your wedding: The weeks leading up to your wedding can be crazy, which can cause you to forget the smallest things (can you imagine a beach honeymoon without a swimsuit?). Avoid the stress and get packed at least a week before your wedding – unless you’re getting married in a pool, you can easily go without a few things for a week. Add in your make-up and hair supplies at the 11th hour, and be on your way!
    • On that note: Please, please pack other sleepwear. You’re wedding night lingerie may be gorgeous, but as my mother always taught me, if the hotel goes up in flames, do you really want the family of four staying next door to see everything? Bring a pair of leggings, a tank and a sports bra – just in case. 
  • Put all paperwork (passports, tickets, etc) together: I used a small accordion folder (Target Dollar Spot FTW) to put all airline tickets, passports and hotel passes together. It made it SO much easier to prepare for security checkpoints. Plus, husbands barely like carrying their wallet, let alone important documentation like a passport.
  • Don’t forget sunscreen! And by all means, be sure to apply it correctly. The spray type may seem easy, but when you have random red streaks on your back and legs from spots you’ve missed, you’ll wish you had a cream.
  • Prepare transportation arrangements: Whether you’ve got a friend dropping you off at the airport or you’re parking a car, it’s really important to get these in order before you leave. You can book your rental car in advance as well with companies like RelayRides in advance and take advantage of great pricing that you won’t find at the ticket counter. Take a look at their airport rentals for your next trip!


  • Change any frequent flier cards: Most airlines will not let you book a ticket under a different name from your frequent flier miles card. Usually a simple email with a scan of your marriage license will do the trick!
  • Make sure all tickets are in the correct name, and that you have the proper identification. While I was fine for my honeymoon (that was booked far in advance of my pending nuptials), I managed to book my airfare to my best friends wedding in my maiden name, even after assuring that my airline miles card had been changed to reflect my married name. Since I had already changed EVERYTHING (credit cards, driver’s license, health insurance, etc.) to my married name, I had to go through the aforementioned security check while watching my husband judge me for making such a silly mistake.
    • Note: On the way home, I was able to use my void ID with my maiden name to get through the security check. Just make sure you have multiple forms of ID! 

What do you wish you knew before your honeymoon? 

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