Top 5 for Prince Farming: My Prediction for The Bachelor

Last time on The Bachelor(ette) – darling farm boy Chris Soules was left without a key to the Fantasy Suite as Andi Dorfman choose to have sexy time with that jerk Nick Viall and choose Josh Murray to live happily ever after in Atlanta.

Personally, I love Chris. He seems like a genuinely good guy with a strong family background, successful career and a hidden talent for note-writing. So of course, as soon as ABC released the cast information for the upcoming season of The Bachelor (beginning on Jan. 5), I had to take my picks out of all the single ladies.

For the record, I had 2/4 for bachelorette Emily Maynard (which really, Arie should have won), and 3/4 for bachelor Ben Flajnik (of course, I missed Courtney Robertson, who has quite an awesome book out about her experience.)

Without further ado, my top picks for Prince Farming:



  1. Whitney, 29, Chicago, IL: For a girl who “can’t stand hair,” Whitney seems to be a normal girl. As a fertility nurse, she can get a job in any town with a hospital, and wants a guy to open the door for her. Chris seems good for her – will she be good for him?

    Do you prefer a man who wants to be pursued or a man who pursues you and why? “A man who wants to be pursued. To me that means he is a little on the shy side and enjoys an outgoing girl like myself.”

    430.1x1 (1)

  2. Jordan, 24, Windsor, CO: Assuming a 24-year-old student is pursuing a higher goal, farm life might not be for Jordan and her two tattoos. However, she has the sweet & innocent look down, which Chris will immediately go for. Keep your fingers crossed we don’t have another Jamie on our hands.

    If you really wanted to impress a man, what would you do? “Give him a sexy dance because it would turn him on and hopefully lead to more.”

    430.1x1 (2)

  3. Alissa, 24, Hamilton, NJ: Doesn’t Alissa just look like the girl you bring home to mom? All of her answers are screaming adorable – if I never had to “upset others,” I would be very happy. Come on, Alissa!

    If I never got to “play with puppies,” I would be very sad.


  4. Tandra, 30, Sandy, UT: Tall Tandra may only be two-inches shorter then Chris, but unlike the majority of her counterparts, she’s a real adult. Plus, if it doesn’t work out, Jef Holm is just around the corner.

    Describe the worst first date you’ve ever been on. “No joke, a guy took me to a wedding reception as a first date once. It was so awkward.”

    430.1x1 (4)

  5. Amanda, 24, Lake in the Hills, IL: This is the first season that I’ve noticed so many girls younger than me! UGH. But back to Amanda – I could see this ballet teacher trading in her slippers for cowboy boots. She has a captivating smile that is bound to get her past the first few nights.

    What’s the most romantic present you have ever received? “A guy once wrote me a beautiful letter expressing his feelings for me. I still have it. He was a creep, but a great writer.”

Regardless of who wins, this should be a good season. We’re at a record-breaking 30 singles, including a WWE Diva-in-Training, a stripper (okay, not really, but Jade is definitely a stripper name) and some very questionable dressers.

Who do you think will win Chris’s heart? 

Images via ABC.

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