Does Marriage Change You?

Go ahead and Google that phrase. How many articles pop up? Everyone has an opinion (myself included, as I’m writing this blog).

Marriage is a beautiful thing. I’m not an expert – I’m still a newlywed – but so far, so good. Over the past 9 months, things have changed. Nothing to be frightened by – change is the only thing that is guaranteed in this world. Things like…

  • My name (duh)
  • My insurance: Y’all. Combining your car insurance after marriage is amazing. Andy & I saved $500+ with Geico. If you haven’t done it yet, get on and make some cash!
  • My vocabulary: Husband still sounds weird and old. I’ve resorted to Hubs to those who don’t know Andy.
  • My priorities.

pri·or·i·ty /prīˈôrədē/ noun. A thing that is regarded as more important than another.

My hubs and my dog are the two more important things in my life, followed by my family, friends, job and well-being. Doesn’t sound too far-fetched, single friends? That’s because it’s not WHAT priorities have changed, but how.

No longer does a night out on the town sound enjoyable (albeit it can be a needed distraction). My days are filled with working hard, followed by nights of cooking, cleaning, and couch snuggling. I find it harder and harder to make time for others, and more decisive on who deserves what little time I have outside of those in my home.

People have entered and exited my life. I can’t keep up with everyone like I used to, and I honestly don’t want to. I’m narrowing in on my top priority – living a happily married life, and blocked out former tasks and requirements that don’t bring me joy.

The most beautiful thing about marriage is finding someone who knows and loves the real you – the person who pigs out on snacks at night, cries at series finales, and makes excuses to avoid going out so they can curl up by the fire. And if you’re really lucky, that person will help you to become the best version of yourself – the one whose priorities are in order.

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