Parks Picks: 3M Strips

When I moved into my first post-college apartment, my mom gave me the cutest picture hanging kit – a three compartment container filled with nails, a small hammer, pencil, screwdriver, level and picture wire so I could decorate. Hole after hole went into the apartment, and while that wasn’t what caused our ridiculous move-out fee (that would be our badger dog, Yadi), it seemed like there had to be a better way.

Enter Command 3M Strips.


I had used 3M strips in college to hang posters of Disney Princesses and Zac Efron on my wall (yeah, in college), but I hadn’t really understood just how fantastic they could be.

My first real foray into the world of 3M strips came when I decided to create a gallery wall last January. I LOVED the ease of peeling and sticking what I needed wherever, especially when it came to the smaller pieces, so when we finished our basement, I knew I’d need to call on my old friend. I picked up four square paintings at Hobby Lobby (50% off every day!), and went to work.

Since I used the 3M strips instead of the 3M hooks, I wanted to take off the existing hardware so the paintings would lay flat against the wall. Plus, I was rotating the paintings, so the original hardware would have only worked with one.


Once removed, I added a strip to each of the top two corners of the painting. I used the 4lb max, although these paintings are not heavy at all!


The coolest part of the 3M strips is how easy they are to move – I was able to press the painting along the wall and make sure it was aligned.


The entire process took me no longer than 10 minutes, and that was with realigning the two bottom pictures once I had placed them on the wall!


This post was not compensated or sponsored by Command brand – I truly just love the product! 

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