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Three Things I’m Loving: June 4, 2016

When you’ve had writers block for all of five months, it’s time to sit back and remember the things you love – they’re ALWAYS the easiest things to talk about! So without further adieu, here are three things I’m loving:

  1. Sanuk Yoga Sling 2 Flip Flops: My mom first bought me a pair of the Sanuk Yoga Chakara Flip Flops last year for CMA Fest, and I fell in love. The base of the sandal is made from the same material as a yoga mat, and you can seriously walk 10 miles a day in these without a threat of pain. With CMA Fest around the corner, I went ahead and picked up two more pairs, this time picking the Sling, which wrap around your ankle. I’m not kidding – there are 50 colors available on Amazon. I got the Natural/Multi Tribal Stripe (pictured) and Black/Natural Combo. They only come in whole sizes – I recommend going a half size up. sanuk
  2. Amazon Kindle: I’ve become quite a reader over the last year, and while I love paperback books, my travel schedule was demanding a more practical method of reading. I used to read books through the Nook app on my iPad, but with a cracked screen and intense delay, it’s not my favorite. I finally sucked it up an ordered a Kindle as a gift to myself for getting promoted, and I absolutely love it! Yes, it’s super light, you can read with one hand, make the text as big as your eyes desire, and store tons and tons of books, BUT, what I love most is that I can rent books from my local library through the One Drive app! Saving money AND increasing convenience? That’s a plus in my book! If you need recommendations on what to read, check out #TheParksDeptReads on
  3. The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey: Saving the best for last here – this podcast is the reason I’m even writing this blog post! Jamie has an incredibly contagious personality, and her guests are some of the most insightful, successful women you will ever meet. Topics range from religion, motherhood, binge-watching on Netflix, books to read, success tips and more, not to mention her oh-so-famous “Three Things Your Loving.” I have binge-listened to episodes 1 – 86 on iTunes, and have only a handful left before I catch up. Give it a listen on your drive to work, while you do chores or when you have that ever-important downtime – you won’t be disappointed! 12799107_1061551913886135_5749713391518567438_n

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