Parks Picks

Parks Picks: Podcast Edition

TGIF! Seriously, it’s been a week. I usually try and work from home at least one half day, but this week it was full commuting to work and clients – don’t even ask me how many miles ’til empty (hint: 68).

The one plus of commuting is the opportunity to catch up on my favorite podcasts. I used to be a dedicated Mason & Remy in the morning listener, but since they moved to afternoons (when I call my mom for our daily chat), I’ve had to find something to fill my time. Podcasts seem to be the perfect filler while driving to and from work. I’ve even started to listen to them while I grocery shop!

A few of my favorites:

  • My Favorite MurdererDon’t run away yet! The podcast, hosted by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark discuss various murders each week, including fan’s hometown submission. While the name may make you cringe, it’s currently listed 12th in iTunes’ top podcast list, and the top comedy podcast available. If you have ever found yourself interested in true crime (i.e. Making a Murderer, The Jinx, JonBenét Ramsey), you need to check it out!
  • The Popcast with Knox and JamieAny entertainment buff will love Knox McCoy and Jamie Golden’s antics. They cover everything from the No’s of Fall (if you love PSLs, avoid this episode) and Brangelina’s divorce to The Emmy’s and Friday Night Lights. This podcast is truly delightful.
  • The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey: As mentioned before, I absolutely love Jamie. Her guests are SO inspiring, and while this podcast definitely leans religious, it brings with it a message of encouragement and success for all.

I subscribe to a few more (I see you Bustle’s Taking This One To The Grave), but these three are my weekly go-tos. Which podcasts do you subscribe to? Let me know on Twitter! 

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