The Bachelor’s Brides-to-Be, Part 2

Missed part 1? 

As we previously mentioned, Nick Viall is back for his third fourth shot of love on The Bachelor. If he can’t find it this time, let’s go ahead and assume he’s the problem.

Continuing on with his potential candidates:

Jasmine B., 25, Flight Attendant, Washington

I wanted to like Jasmine B., but apparently she already thinks the world does. And I quote, “I know I’m attractive and have a lot of great qualities.” Alrighty then.

Jasmine G., 29, Pro Basketball Dancer, San Francisco

This girl has her sports priorities right. Favorite movies include A League of Their Own and The Sandlot, while her second purchase after winning the lottery would be a sports team. What’s the first purchase you ask? Socks.

Josephine, 24, Registered Nurse, CA

Oh, sweetie – didn’t anyone tell you? Off-the-shoulder tops were banned after Ben’s season.

Kristina, 24, Dental Hygienist, Lexington, KY

Mark my words – this one will go far. She admires her parents for opening their home to four orphans (including herself), and wants to live a day in her biological mothers shoes. Her story alone is bound to get air time, but that smile will take her to hometowns.

Lacey, 25, Digital Marketing Manager, New York

Is there a “most likely to tweet post-show” award? If show, my vote goes to Lacey. Also, she *never* brings anyone home, which is basically begging the producers to send Nick home with her.

Lauren, 30, Law School Grad, Florida

I miss the days of having “grad” after my title. Regardless, she’s a winner. Her personality (based on the 9 questions in her survey) shines as a “girl-next-door” type. I also take a personal liking to the fact that she lists Hocus Pocus as her favorite movie. Easy choice for top 4.

Michelle, 25, Food Truck Owner, LA

If she doesn’t make her entrance IN the food truck I will be incredibly disappointed.

Olivia, 25, Apparel Sales Representative, Alaska

Anyone else getting SERIOUS Caila vibes here? Plus, one of her biggest fears is not being able to find love. We’ll be seeing a lot of Olivia in 2017.

Rachel, 31, Attorney, Dallas

I don’t want to stereotype here, but there’s something about attorneys and girls from Texas. She does not approach me as the woman to take shit from these other 20-somethings. She’ll be blasting her 90s country music (!) and channeling her inner Michelle Obama to get her through the first few weeks.

Raven, 26, Boutique Owner, Arkansas

I’m going to guess she’s got a strong southern accent. She pulls off the hopeless romantic well, with just a hit of immaturity. She wants to be Jasmine (the Disney princess, not the former contestants mentioned), so there’s that.

Sarah, 26, Grade School Teacher, Newport Beach

This girl screams Bachelor contestant. She quotes the notebook, idolizes top female TV characters Meredith Gray, Olivia Pope and Carrie Bradshaw, all while teaching sweet children to read. Say it with me now – awwww.

Susannah, 26, Account Manager, San Diego

Hey girl, can we be friends? Susannah is a girls-girl. She loves shoes, picked Ariel as her favorite fictional character because of her amazing locks and stylin’ seashell bra, and wants to be Chrissy Teigen for a day. Don’t we all?

Taylor, 23, Mental Health Counselor, Seattle

If you thought she looked young…you’re right. Her favorite designer? Forever 21. Bless her heart.

Vanessa, 29, Special Education Teacher, Canada

I get nervous with anyone who’s featured questions include the importance of their family’s approval. If it doesn’t work out with Nick, there’s always Daniel.

Whitney, 25, Pilates Instructor, Minnesota

She doesn’t live life with regrets. Until she goes home the first night, that is.

And that, my friends, is the newest cast of Mrs. Viall wannabes! Which girls get your rose? Join my Bachelor bracket on ESPN, and let me know your top pick in the comments! 

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