Getting Personal

Own It: The Launch of Short Dog Social

I am starting my own business.

Oh, it’s not a REAL business. It’s just called that for tax purposes.

Why is it so hard to own up to your successes? It’s easy to own up to your failures – I’ll quickly tell you that I’m not a good salesperson, and diets are not my thing. It’s inherent to be modest about the things we do well.

I mean, it’s just freelancing.

Think about the last person who complimented you – did you say “thanks,” or make an excuse for why the positive thing was given to you?

I’m really just doing work for a few friends.

Time to change the narrative and own up to what is really happening in my life.

I am starting my own business because I have proven my success as a marketer, and want to use my experience to help others be better.

In 2012, I found myself in between jobs and thinking about the future. Sitting in front of my grandpa’s Mac in the basement of my parents house it dawned on me – why not do social on my own? The name was a given – Short Dog Social – a nod to my doxie baby. I even planned out packages based on different dogs – the corgi, the basset. I contacted local businesses who could use some help. Shortly after, I was hired by an agency, and sat the idea (and domain) to the side.

I came close to starting it when we first moved to Arizona, only to have a minor breakdown a week prior, sticking with another full time role. I was scared to take the leap.

Am I still scared? Absolutely. Am I excited? Absolutely.

This isn’t a pyramid scheme filled with leggings, shakes and moisturizers. It’s a bonafide, registered LLC, allowing me to consult with companies, big and small, and I’m proud to call it mine.

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