My IVF Journey

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2004’s Cinematic Masterpiece, Mean Girls

It’s not that I believed Coach Carr (clearly you’re not going to die), but as the product of a teen pregnancy, his words resonated.

It never occurred to me that pregnancy wouldn’t happen naturally. My birth mom had me at 17. She spent nearly three decades having children! It never occurred to me that pregnancy wouldn’t happen naturally. Infertility did not run in my gene pool.

Sure, I knew a few people who used drugs to ovulate, and even fewer who tried the turkey baster method (IUI for the sophisticated reader). A few of my moms friends supported their daughters through IVF, but none of that ever came to mind.

Looking back, it’s crazy to think that I spent 10 years taking medication to prevent what would eventually be the hardest thing I’ve ever attempted to do.

Month after month, I’d monitor the calendar, looking for a sign that a baby was on the way. What they don’t tell you about trying to get pregnant is that every sign of pregnancy is also a sign of PMS. Real convenient. A year in, I decided to get some help. 

We tried timed intercourse (the least sexy sex that exists), three IUIs, and still no pink lines. After another year of effort, it was time for something with higher chances.

So, here we are, in the middle of in-vitro fertilization (IVF). I’m 7 days into my stimulation shots (two in the morning, one in the evening), with doctors appointments every other day to check my progress. I’m set to go under anesthesia to have my eggs surgically removed and put into a petri dish with my husband’s sperm to create embryos. Each embryo will then go through genetic testing to find out whether or not they have the correct amount of chromosomes, increasing the likelihood of pregnancy. In about a month, that embryo will be transferred back into my body, and we’ll cross our fingers and toes that it takes.

Will IVF work? Only God knows. It’s tested my patience, my willpower, my pride and my body. It’s made me second guess myself. How are you supposed to feel when you can’t do the one thing your body was made for? 

I may or may not keep this up-to-date as we go along through the journey. I’ve already got my listicle ready to go for the future Pinterest goers searching for any and all information they can get. I’ve been there.

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