Working Remotely, as described by The Office

Working from home can be great – until you do it for 21 days straight.

I’ve always enjoyed working from home. At my agency Nomadic, we keep Monday and Friday as in-office days, with the ability to work from home on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. This puts us in a better position than most during quarantine. 

As a self-described morning person, the increased productivity I have between 7am – 9am (when our office typically opens) is ridiculous. Plus, aside from missing my podcasts, I’m not too upset about skipping out on two hours of rush hour traffic each day. 

However, even the most seasoned work-from-home veteran has their limits. 

DAY 1: 

Things feel normal. I get up at 5am for barre, arrive home just after my husband leaves for the day. A quick shower and breakfast, and I’m onto my morning newsletters, meetings and assignments. I’ve got this in the bag.

(Mindy Kaling as Kelly Kapoor in NBC’s The Office, Season 7, Episode 14) 

DAY 4: 

Barre is now closed, so I have some extra time to sleep. Even though my workload is light, I’ve bookmarked multiple classes and lessons – from Bob Iger’s Masterclass on Business Strategy to acquiring my Facebook Blueprint Certification. I may not have children, but I’m dominating this homeschool thing. 

(Mindy Kaling as Kelly Kapoor in NBC’s The Office, Season 7, Episode 1) 

DAY 7: 

Week two! I’m starting to miss my colleagues. We have a Monday all-agency meeting, but unfortunately BlueJeans only allows for nine videos per view. If only there was a way to select which videos so I could see the agency’s junior workers, Stella, John and Oliver, during the call. 

(Steve Carrell as Michael Scott in NBC’s The Office, Season 5, Episode 14) 

DAY 10:

Without my normal barre routine, I’m waking up a bit later than usual. I’ve still got time to walk the dogs before our daily team meeting. They have never been happier or more exhausted. Those little legs have to work hard (mine included). Unfortunately, I didn’t leave time for a shower. At least it’s only an internal meeting! 

(Angela Kinsey as Angela Martin in NBC’s The Office, Season 9, Episode 10) 

DAY 14: 

What wonderful weather we’re having! And with my new found Pokémon Go fascination, I’ve got plenty of time to hit all the stops in my neighborhood, multiple times per day. Oh, wait – there’s still work to be done. Right. Time to find a spot in the house where you can’t overhear my husband during our next call. 

(Jenna Fischer as Pam Beasley in NBC’s The Office, Season 3, Episode 8) 

DAY 18: 

I’m struggling to find motivation to do anything. I was able to find the leftover cookie dough, though. That should power me through a few more meetings. 

(Steve Carrell as Michael Scott in NBC’s The Office, Season 2, Episode 6) 

DAY 21: 

I miss my co-workers. I miss my hour-long drive listening to The Popcast in the morning and Office Ladies in the evening. I miss my kitchen table (which has been taken over by my husband’s three-monitor setup since day 6). When this is all over, I will never complain about my boring, daily routine again.

(John Krashinski as Jim Halpert in NBC’s The Office, Season 7, Episode 11)

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