Hi, I’m Ashley. Pleasure to meet you.

10258350_3238033952235_3287388110356349566_oWriting comes naturally to me. Writing about myself does not.

I’m a 20-something born and raised in St. Louis, with a need to be involved in everything. I’m social in every sense of the word – I’m a planner, tweeter, organizer, communicator and photo-taker. I graduated the University of Missouri Journalism School with honors.

My drive and desire to succeed is unmatched, and in the right situation, I can excel beyond any expectations. I have a sweet spot for outdoor placement and hashtag strategy, but also enjoy watching (and occasionally criticizing) 30- and 60-second spots. You can call me a social media strategist, account executive or social media queen: it’s all great to me.

Outside of my 9-to-5.  I’m a married dog mom of a dachshund-beagle, obsessed with the city of Nashville, and a die-hard hockey fan. I believe in Apple products, reality TV, cupcake baking and wine.

Peak your curiosity? Great. Follow me on twitter [@ashleyparks] or find me on LinkedIn. I love to chat. Or, if reading is more your thing, I’ve got this pretty one-sheeter for you to browse. Most people call it a resume.

Everything posted on this blog is my personal opinion and does not necessarily represent the views of my employer or its clients.

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