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The Color Run: Training Schedule

After a lovely vacation to Florida this past weekend, I quickly realized something: The Color Run 5K is in 8 weeks, and I am nowhere close to running 3.1 miles! Hell, I’m not sure I could run 1 mile right now! So, starting this evening, my training begins!

 Yippee! I’m trying a different Couch to 5K app this time (from, and starting on week 2 (since I had a little bit of training before!) As far as weight training, I’m going to stick with the Tone It Up Lean Legs Pyramid:

And the Flirty Girl Fitness arms work out video.

I’m keeping a food log over at my Tumblr account, as well as using the Lose It app to track my weight.

Have you ran a 5K? What tips would you share? 

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Kickass April Update!

so, it’s the third week of april and i need to share with you an update on my Kickass April progress!

OK, OK…I took a week off. I also didn’t stop sneezing during said week, and the Blues won the first round of the playoffs. SO SHOOT ME.

BUT – I am picking myself back up again and doing it right this time! Because after all, the scale does not mean everything. So, I will be taking measurements as well as keeping a food log over on my new tumblr page (another social media network, i know.) Feel free to follow my progress there!

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Kickass April: Day 1 Update

Don’t worry – I won’t post these daily! But, I did start the plan mentioned before.

I got up to Oakville High around 10:30am on Sunday morning only to find a baseball tryout. I wasn’t about to embarass myself in front of a bunch of 18 unders, so I popped over to the middle school track instead. (My goal is to do all of the Couch to 5K work outs on a track – more consistency in distance and terrain). To my dismay, the Couch to 5K app gave me all kinds of problems (my 5 minute warm up turned into a 15 minute warm up). If you start, I suggest you have an arm band for your iPhone, iPod, etc, because I kept it in my hand and it wound up pausing when I didn’t want it, too.

The Kickass April part though went fine. FYI – burpees SUCK. Day 1 is only :30 seconds worth, but I’m already dreading the two minute intervals at the end of the month!

I’m working an earlier schedule at work to be sure I can get my work outs in (7am – 3:30pm-ish), and I plan on walking the dog as a side cardio activity. Hopefully this 90 degree weather calms down a bit!

I’ll let you know how the first week goes. Feel free to share any tips or tricks!

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Getting Back Into Shape

I’m tired of being lazy. After spending hours on Pinterest (clearly the best work out ever), I’ve developed my April work out plan.

Never doubt my organization again. But really, this is a combination of the #KickAssApril workout from The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans, the Couch to 5K plan, and an article from Women’s Health Magazine, which you’ll find below.

Throughout the month, you’ll be updated at my progress, as well as any delicious, healthy recipes I find along the way (which I gladly accept suggestions!) It’s time to step up and get back into shape for me, and maybe I can help motivate you along the way. After all, you’re my motivation. It’d be pretty embarrassing to post this and then completely fail, right? 🙂