*UPDATED* Parks Picks: TV Recommendations

Go ahead and call me a couch potato – there is nothing I love more than coming home and turning on the tube. Maybe that’s why my career path went towards entertainment social media (thanks DIRECTV and U-verse!). I love TV. Plus, the options are endless with today’s incredible selection of entertainment.

I’ve broken my recommendations down by platform, and ranked them by enjoyment. If you need more reason than “because I said so,” be sure to let me know on Twitter.

Network Television:
I record every single one of these shows! 

ScreamQueens scream queens emma roberts abigail breslin scream queens fox

Yep – record all of these, too. My poor DVR space…

pretty little liars pll alison dilaurentis


master of none film shots aziz ansari


true detective middle finger matthew mcconaughey woody harrelson tv



American Horror Story Anthology, Ranked

FX recently announced Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s hit series, American Horror Story, would be renewed for a seventh season. Murphy and Falchuk, whose sanity I question after moving from a high school musical-esq series (Glee) to horrors you can only imagine in AHS, are the definition of a dynamic duo. The pair has been nominated for 9 Daytime Emmy’s across their three shows, winning in 2016 for Outstanding Limited Series with American Crime Story: The People vs. OJ Simpson (sidebar – if you haven’t watched this yet, get off my blog and get on the FX app NOW). AHS itself has seen 94 wins over 255 nominations, including lead actress for both Jessica Lange (2014 Emmys) and Lady Gaga (2016 Golden Globes).

For those of you who haven’t witnessed the anthology series, which utilizes many of the same actors and actresses across season, each playing out a different theme, I’ve broken it down for you in order of quality programming.