Parks Picks

Parks Picks: Cozy Candles, Christmas Tunes + More

The minute the temperature drops, I’m all about comfort. To be honest, I’m all about comfort year round (hi yoga pants!), but once it gets cold, it’s much easier to sink into your favorite chair with a big mug of hot cocoa and binge-watch Gilmore Girls.

Luckily for me, I’ve found a few fantastic comfort items for the end of fall. Try them out and let me know what you think!

Bath and Body Works Mahogany Teakwood:

As a cinnamon pumpkin candle connoisseur, I was disappointed to find out that the adorable mason jar candle I was waiting to purchase with my free item coupon had sold out. Since three-wick candles were on sale, and my Winter candle had all but burnt out downstairs, I went to smelling. While mason jar options were limited, the Mahogany Teakwood caught my eye (and my nostrils!) The best way I can describe it is a sexy but comforting masculine scent – picture the oversized hoodie you stole from your high school boyfriend that was doused in Hollister Co. cologne. I ended up buying the mason jar, the three-wick candle and a car freshener.

Brett Eldredge’s Christmas Album, Glow:

I am the first person to jump down your throat about Christmas music playing on November 1. Hell, I visited the Opryland hotel in Nashville on October 31 and saw nothing but trees, nutcrackers and stockings! That being said, I took a chance and turned on Brett Eldredge’s Christmas album, Glow, the other night, and realized what a fantastic choice it was. I love Brett Eldredge – he helped my client AT&T surprise fans at CMA Fest in 2015, and I was able to sit down with him for a quick chat and photo. He may be a Cubs fan, but the man has a voice that echos Frank Sinatra, with just enough twang to remain in the realm of Country Music. I will be buying this for EVERYONE this Christmas (so you better be nice!)

Third Love 24/7™ Classic Full Coverage:

You know those ads all over Pinterest? Third Love asks you a few questions about your breast shape, current bra issues and current bra size, then recommends a bra for your fit. The best part? You can try it for 30 days risk-free. Being someone with a very full cup, they sent me the 24/7™ Classic Full Coverage, and holy cow, it is SO comfortable. I worked for Victoria’s Secret for 8 years – I know bras. I know bra sizing. And I’ll be damned if Third Love didn’t shove everything I thought about bras I knew in my face!  I’ve got 28 days left on my “trial,” and I can promise this will be topping my Christmas list (from my mom, because no one else should ever buy you bras and panties.)

What are your favorite comfort items? Leave a comment! 


My Political Party? Fandom.

Fall is my favorite time of year. From the leaves falling to the Halloween stores popping up – I adore it all*.  Aside from that big shindig every four years that causes advertisements to turn to hell and Facebook updates that make me want to deactivate. However, while I stray away from politics, I think I finally get it.

Whether your a democrat or republican, you’re probably quite passionate about your decision. You may choose to argue with members of the opposite party, almost to the point of distress. You’re willing to shove your point of view on anyone who will listen (or read, or like). I get it.

That’s how I feel about sports. 

My blood boils when my team is insulted. If a good season is upon us, I’ll shout it from the rooftops. I cringe when I witness others in opposing team merchandise. The mere mention of Gary Bettman will ruin my day. Instead of leaning left or right, I lean forward, in my seat, in anticipation of the next play.

I may not support a political party, but I will support my St. Louis Blues until I’m 6 feet under, regardless of our lack of a Stanley Cup. I will tweet using the hashtag #12in12. I will never, ever pass up the opportunity to laugh at a cubs fan.  The same passion, desire and distaste that fuels political debates fuels my fanhood.

The campaign ads can be pretty awful, too.