DIY Necklace Holder

I have a LOT of necklaces. Big ones, dainty ones, and all hard to store ones. I’ve been pinning them on the large cork board behind my desk for years, but it just wasn’t cutting it anymore. Cue a left over Hobby Lobby gift card and some extra time on my hands, and poof! A new

DIY Necklace Holder from Glatz & Glamour
You’ll Need
– Cork Board (I bought an 11×17 framed one)
– 1/4 yard of Fabric
– Stapler
– Paint (to match fabric)
– Pins

DIY Necklace Holder from Glatz & Glamour
1. Lay your fabric over your cork board. You’ll want enough to cover the board and wrap around the frame.

2. Pin the corners of your board down. Use your finger nail to create the crease inside the frame.

DIY Necklace Holder from Glatz & Glamour
3. Staple the inside of the frame. I did four along the short side, five along the long.

DIY Necklace Holder from Glatz & Glamour
4. Flip your cork board over, and staple the additional fabric tightly.

DIY Necklace Holder from Glatz & Glamour
5. Place pins into the back side of a paper plate & paint to match your fabric!

DIY Necklace Holder from Glatz & Glamour
SO EASY. I actually painted my frame first, but decided to cover it with the fabric instead! Overall, the project cost about $15.

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Top 5: Things Guys Don’t Understand

Jenna Marbles is a female god. If you haven’t watched her videos, just get off my blog. JK – but really, watch the below videos for my inspiration.

NOTE: I am basing this off of things the men in MY life don’t understand. (Sorry Andy!) Feel free to add your own in the comments.

1. Hobby Lobby: I could craft 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if I had the budget and time. Girls want things to look GOOD – i.e. why we buy insane amounts of clothing and take two hours to get ready. This means we will spend 3-4 hours wandering through a Hobby Lobby, debating over the perfect shade of rose and the perfect size pumpkin. As Andy says, Hobby Lobby is my Bass Pro/Golf Discount/ETC. Just remember that.

2. Planning: Yes, I keep a planner, physical calendar, digital calendar and notes around. I will absolutely plan out our weekend plans by Monday, and you can bet I’ve had a three week notice of your family party. I know exactly when that game, birthday or movie release is, and I’ve already talked to my other female planner friends to involve their boys, too. Someone has to keep everything in line.

3. The Bachelor/Bachelorette: You have fantasy sports teams, we have Bachelor brackets. And yes, we absolutely get too involved with the characters, develop a deep hatred for bitchy girls and fall into mad showmances with rich, damaged guys with six packs, and cry when they don’t get a rose. Most of this is due to the copious amounts of wine we drink during the two-hour show.

4. Pinterest: Is it safe to say that Pinterest is female porn? It’s like once you get your first look, you’ll never stop going back. So what if I have been planning our wedding long before you even consider an engagement. Maybe I do have a thousand work out plans I’ll never try. So I started my Christmas List six months early, no big deal. As long as I keep putting delicious food on the table, keep your mouth shut – don’t act like you don’t know where I got those recipes.

5. Target: I mean, seriously. I have never gone into Target and only bought what I came for. The place screams “buy me.” Of course I needed two new tanks, a pair of shoes I’ll never wear, three new nail polishes, throw pillows, and a kitchen gadget I can’t even pronounce. At least I get 5% off with my RedCard – that makes it ALL better, right?

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Case Study – Pinterest

Who else is addicted to Pinterest? This online pin board can be used to plan a wedding, redesign your house, craft or cook nearly anything and so much more. Launched in March of 2010, this community has grown by insane proportions, yet does not feature advertising on their page. How is this possible you might ask? Let me divulge deeper into the world of pinning.

As their mission states, Pinterest works to link people all around the world to a common thread, whether that be a book, a recipe, a wedding bouquet or anything else. In the marketing world, this can be called word of mouth. By pinning something, you are able to share that item with your followers (who can be found via Facebook, Twitter, email and more). Below you can see an example of my boards.

Within these boards contains your “pins,” the images of things that you find interesting. (Get it? pINTEREST?) As you can see below, it shows who I repinned it from (via Anilu Magloire), as well as the original website the image was found on (in this case,

Here is where the WOM begins – clicking on that top right link ( will take you to the page in which you can buy this product. In the case of a recipe or craft, it will take you to the page where you can find the how-to. There are times when it takes you to a “useless” link, i.e. a flickr image or “uploaded by user” type thing, however, this sneaky link sharing brings in viewers (and revenue) to the blogs, web pages and stores that the item was originally “pinned” from. (You can drag a “Pin It” link to your bookmark tab so that you can “pin” anything you find online, outside of Facebook). Those with blogs are able to download a “find me on pinterest” badge for their website.

Advertising has not hit Pinterest just yet due to successful funding and investors, however, their guerrilla marketing has brought them into the social sphere. They have been recognized by Time, Mashable, The Wall Street Journal, and bloggers throughout the online community (learn more about why you should joinfrom Lisa Derus). Don’t believe it’s power? My friend Chelsea Williams posted this craft on her blog, and in turn had 177 new, unique viewers to her page. Accept it or not – Pinterest is here to stay. Use it to your advantage while you can – after all, who doesn’t love to gawk at cute puppies, gorgeous wedding dresses and delicious food?


My New Obsession: Pinterest

Can someone explain to me how today was my first interaction with Pinterest? This genius of a website allows you to “pin” ideas, photos, recipes and more to categorized “boards” for future reference. From a craft perspective, this is perfect. From a productivity standpoint, it’s about as destructive as Hiroshima.

To get started, you need to request an invite, however mine came within 20 minutes. Then the fun begins . Pinterest will import followers from Twitter or Facebook to get you started. After asking for your interests, they will choose people you should “follow.” Then comes a webpage full of everything that could ever possibly interest you. Food, babies, wedding ideas, crafts – you name it. You can also “pin” things from the web.

Seriously – this is probably the best website since Facebook (and with the redesigns, probably better.) I’ve got about 20 recipes lined up to try, a billion crafts to make, ideas for my future wedding and home all in one place. I can’t think of a single girl who would not benefit from Pinterest.

This isn’t paid – I’m seriously just obsessed. And mind you, that’s after 3 hours of play time on the website. Hell, writing this post is my first Pinterest break and I’m dying to get back on.

I don’t care what you think – try it out. And if you get nothing done for the next 24 hours? Sorry I’m Not Sorry.


Fall Crafts: Tailgate (or Halloween) Wreath

OK – you may not realize I absolutely adore crafts. My mother was a florist for years, and I took floral design in college (yep, it’s a real class!) So when I saw a Mizzou wreath on Etsy, I knew I had to make my own.

Now, this can easily be switched out with different ribbon colors (I plan on taking the “Mizzou” off and adding an orange bow for Halloween!) or for different schools (although why would you ever like another school?)

What you need:

14 inch Styrofoam wreath
3 – 15 yard spools of black tulle
2 – 5 yard rolls of 2 inch black floral ribbon
1 yard of yellow floral ribbon
Floral pins
Wreath hanger
Yellow paint (I got the little bottle of spray paint)
Wooden letters
Craft glue

Wrap the black ribbon all the way around the wreath. It doesn’t take too long however it’s easier if you hold the roll as you loop it around the Styrofoam.

Spray (or paint) the wooden letters. These need to dry before placing them on the wreath – it only took mine about 10 minutes.

Take the tulle and cut 12-14in pieces. This is by far the most time consuming thing – I used nearly all three rolls.

Tie the tulle around the wreath. Keep the knots in the same area – you’ll need to fluff out the tulle for looks.

Place craft glue on the back of the wooden letters and attach them to your wreath. They seem “weak,” but trust me – they’re on there!

Create a bow out of your yellow ribbon and attach it with a pin to the inside ring of the wreath.

If you need to, trim the tulle around the wreath to even it out. Otherwise, you’ve got yourself a good looking wreath for fall!

Thanks to Baby Rabies for helping me on the tulle part!