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Top 5: Moments of 2011

Don’t judge on the cliche topic – I had a damn good year! Let’s go backwards.

5. Mizzou 100th Homecoming: You never forget where you came from, and Mizzou homecoming will always be a top event in my heart. After spending four years pomping house decorations, glittering alpha phi posters and watching Mizzou football, I was happy to be able to just enjoy this year’s festivities.

4. World Series Win: OK – I wasn’t directly involved, obviously, but I truly enjoyed watching along the Cardinals journey. (did that really just come out of my mouth?) I went to easily 10-15 games, including a few Cubs series with my favorite Chicago kids (the Cards won, of course). We also traveled to Pittsburgh for a series with the Pirates, so I felt like I could really enjoy this season’s victory.

3. Getting my first job: Now you might ask, “Ashley, didn’t you quit there?” And yes, I have since moved on, however, getting your first job is quite an accomplishment that should not be ignored. O&B gave me tools that I needed to enter the professional world as well as giving me my first real paycheck, which is pretty awesome.

2. Moving out: Sorry Mom & Dad, but moving out is awesome. Sure, it’s a lot of hard work and a lot of time spent cleaning, decorating, organizing, etc., but I now am able to truly appreciate everything you’ve done for me in the past 22 years. Plus, I love being able to cook for myself [hi, half my Christmas gifts were kitchen supplies!] and decorate myself [thank you Hobby Lobby]. Oh, and that cute roommate of mine helps. 🙂

1. My first puppy: I doubt this comes as a surprise to anyone. Yadi has been the best thing to happen to me this year, if not the past 22. There is something so special about coming home to a wagging tail and a huge lick on your face, and since July 30, I’ve been able to experience it first hand.

What will 2012 hold for me? Who knows, but I’m sure next year at this time, I’ll have five more great things to share.

Editors Note I’m not sure how I missed this, but I’d like to add a tie with #4 – watching the Boston Bruins clinch the Stanley Cup at the ESPN Zone in Orlando with my dad and a room full of Bruins fans. Nothing can beat that experience, unless of course the Blues bring home the prize in 2012.


My New Obsession: Pinterest

Can someone explain to me how today was my first interaction with Pinterest? This genius of a website allows you to “pin” ideas, photos, recipes and more to categorized “boards” for future reference. From a craft perspective, this is perfect. From a productivity standpoint, it’s about as destructive as Hiroshima.

To get started, you need to request an invite, however mine came within 20 minutes. Then the fun begins . Pinterest will import followers from Twitter or Facebook to get you started. After asking for your interests, they will choose people you should “follow.” Then comes a webpage full of everything that could ever possibly interest you. Food, babies, wedding ideas, crafts – you name it. You can also “pin” things from the web.

Seriously – this is probably the best website since Facebook (and with the redesigns, probably better.) I’ve got about 20 recipes lined up to try, a billion crafts to make, ideas for my future wedding and home all in one place. I can’t think of a single girl who would not benefit from Pinterest.

This isn’t paid – I’m seriously just obsessed. And mind you, that’s after 3 hours of play time on the website. Hell, writing this post is my first Pinterest break and I’m dying to get back on.

I don’t care what you think – try it out. And if you get nothing done for the next 24 hours? Sorry I’m Not Sorry.