Top 5: Netflix Vanishing Videos, January 2016

Netflix and chill is life at the Parks home, especially during the winter months. (We’ll go ahead and ignore the fact that it’s 63 degrees in St. Louis right now). Netflix recently released it’s list of movies and TV series that will be removed in the coming month, which means I’m about to add 11.5 hours of viewing time to my holiday schedule.


This Is How You Do Advertising: Monsters University & Nike

I love great advertising. Plain and simple. And the Monsters University spot shown during the Rose Bowl and Fiesta Bowl this past week is just that: great.

It fit in SO well with the college football experience (I have teared up at the Mizzou spot a time or two), and the website is fantastic. Plus, it’s Disney-Pixar. They can’t screw up in my mind.

Also this week, Nike released what might as well be ad of the year (to hockey fans, at least).

Is hockey really Nike’s? Not in America. But dammit, it’s not the NHL’s. And the fact that Steve Stamkos is holding a fish and Ovechkin is just hanging out, speaking Russian in Russia is fabulous.

What ads are you crushing over in 2013?

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Top 5: Reasons Why I’ll Never Leave St. Louis

St. Louis Doesn’t Suck – Forbes.

If you haven’t gotten a chance to read Aaron Perlut‘s article, St. Louis Doesn’t Suck, I’d suggest you do. With the campaign @STLDoesntSuck, it’s really made me think about why I love this city so much, and why I didn’t consider applying (outside of Disney) anywhere else in the country when I graduated college.

1. It’s a sports-rich city. Sure, everyone knows St. Louis is a baseball town, but did you also know that we have one of the richest inline hockey breading grounds? Or that the age old question of “Where Did You Go To High School” is followed up by a snarky sports-related comment, such as “Oh, we beat you in the 2006 State Hockey Championships!” (Sorry CBC.) The sports scene stems from a strong 11-time World Champion Cardinals following down to the pee-wee players you see at intermission of a Blues game.

2. Unique Attractions: Where else can you find a top ranked FREE zoo, outdoor theater, lake, golf course, art museum and history museum in one spot? From Forest Park to the creative-based City Museum to the steps of the Gateway to the West, St. Louis is full of secret spots and public places to enjoy at any age.

3. Degrees of Separation. You’ve heard the age old saying that there is a 6-degree separation between you and a stranger, right? Be it as it were, in St. Louis, that number drops in half. Whether you’re parents went to school together, you both worked for AT&T or Boeing, or you’re neighbor walks their dog, you probably are closer connected than you thought, and that’s important to my next point.

4. Small town, big city: St. Louis is made up of two parts – the city and the county. The county is made up of hundreds of neighborhoods from The Valley in Chesterfield to my home Oakville in South County. Sure, when you live in St. Louis you know you’re in one of the top cities in America, but back home, it’s a small town atmosphere of high school football, local bars and running into people at the grocery store.

5. Provel Cheese: And the other St. Louis delicacies (Toasted Ravioli, Gooey Butter Cake). Judge me if you may, but if I can’t get provel cheese by the block, slice or shredded, you can bet I will not be calling it home.

I’m bound to this city, or this city is bound to me. Either way, it definitely doesn’t suck.


Tale As Old As Time

Today marks something more special than Friday the 13th. More special then the Blake Shelton concert (which might be because I don’t have tickets), and more special than the start of the weekend. Today marks the theater release date for Beauty & The Beast in 3D.

The movie, released in November of 1991, didn’t necessarily change my life, but it did have a HUGE impact. Now, my mother felt that I was a little too young to sit still in a theater (my first big screen adventure was Aladdin. different story for a different day), however, when it came on VHS, I was hooked. I ran around my house holding a basket filled with Little Golden Books singing (or screaming) “here’s where she meets prince charming, but she won’t discover that it’s him til chapter treeeee!” Don’t judge – I didn’t understand the ‘H’ concept in words.

Beauty and the Beast also brought along a very important relationship to me – my grandma. She became just as infatuated with the characters as I did, and with a disposable income that I was missing, started to collect memorabilia. Her favorite, Mrs. Potts, filled her curio cabinet with music boxes, ceramic figures, and even a closet jewelry box with Mrs. Potts jewelry! Going to Grandma’s was the best. We’d watch the movie, then take all of the music boxes out of the cabinet and wind them up. And in that moment, I was the luckiest kid in the world.

After that magical time, my VHS found it’s way to a storage space in the basement. But I never forgot it. And once I got into college, I realized I wasn’t the only one. I can’t explain how many times we sat and watched that (along with other Disney classics) in 311 at Alpha Phi. Beauty & The Beast made every little girl feel like a princess, and taught us that good things happen to those who not only wait, but learn to love the person inside.

Sure, I’m nearly 23. I have no children to pass this movie on to, but you can bet that I will be sitting in a theater reminiscing my childhood this weekend. Because in all honesty “adults are only kids grown up, anyway.”