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Top 5: Ways To Know Your Ad Kicked Ass

In advertising, bringing a brand to top of mind awareness is key. If your ad gets the following response, you should feel pretty damn good about your marketing skills.

1. People recognize it without actually seeing it: We’re all guilty of it. A commercial comes on and you go grab a soda, finish doing your make up, whatever. But, just because your full attention isn’t on the screen doesn’t mean you don’t know who’s invading your brain. Whether it’s the sound of Flo’s annoying voice, the whisper of “zoom, zoom,” or a familiar tune (did anyone else want “written in the stars” to be permanently removed from airwaves during the post-season?), you’re able to call out the brand immediately.

2. Pop Culture References: Aaron Rodger’s 13-0 Packers are making headlines, but his Discount Double Check move is making appearances (and references) are making SportsCenter broadcasts.

3. Flattery: see, copying. The Old Spice man has won the hearts of many, and won the (dis)honor of being used by other products, Velveeta Home Style meals as well as Dairy Queen have taken the “manly man” and “things you could only dream of” concept.

4. Halloween Costumes: Flo has quite the following. Progressive even sells Halloween kits to #DressLikeFlo. Not to mention, my beloved boyfriend plans on going as Discover’s favorite competitor (and star of a previous blog) Peggy.

5. Sell Outs. Not you silly – your product! If your ad is doing its job, your product will sell to the right people at the opportune time.

Getting Personal

Playing Dress Up

From Dots to gum drops, Saw to Snoopy, from Lemp Mansion to Darkness, there is no other holiday that hits my radar as hard as Halloween. The colors, the smells, the sights – it just triggers something inside of me.

As far back as I remember, Halloween has been my favorite holiday. When I was little, my costume choices seemed simple; I was Minnie Mouse, my idol, for three straight years. I had the little black and red dress with the Mickey Mouse ears and matching red polka dot bow. My mom put just enough blush on my cheeks to make them shine, and my dad would carry me to all the houses to get candy, even though I only lasted for the first three. Then I would watch Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin and head off to bed.

When I got into preschool, my mom thought I needed a designer costume for the annual fall party at Tree House Preschool, so my mom and my Aunt Madge, who introducedme to this wonderful holiday, hired a seamstress to make me a deluxe humpty-dumpty costume. My mom put me into this white, decorated ball, and I bawled. Sure, the teacher put me really close to the scary clown for the picture, but really I just wanted to pick out my own costume.

The next year, my aunt took me to this little Hallmark store in Hampton Village. It seemed harmless – cards piled on shelves with useless gifts and packaging. When I looked up at the back wall of the store, I saw it. “THE DUNGEON” the sign read in flashy lights. I was curious, so I ventured down the stairs into heaven. Surrounding me were walls full of costumes. I knew I had found my calling. I was to be a Halloween addict.

Nearly 20 years later, I still get overly excited for Oct. 31. In college, I was the person everyone came to for costume ideas – I have a massive container packed to the brim filled with costumes and accessories. This is my first year celebrating Halloween in the real world. Luckily for me, the advertising community in St. Louis shares my obsession, and hosts their own party. And of course, I’ll be ready to dress up and celebrate.

Oct. 31 may be a normal night for some, but for me, the little ghoul inside wants to come out and play.

Sorry I’m a little obsessed.

But then again, Sorry I’m Not Sorry.