Getting Personal

Giving Thanks

Let me be blunt – I am not a fan of the “post something your thankful for everyday on Facebook” nonsense. I’m happy that you have a great family, friends, boyfriend, dog, etc. I do, too. But the things I’m most thankful for might not fall into your standard buckets.

I’m thankful for the teen moms who existed before the MTV show, like my birth mom, who may have had unprotected sex, but was smart enough to realize she could not handle a child and gave me up for adoption, allowing me to grow up in an amazing family with plenty of opportunity.

I’m thankful for AT&T, although they may not have the greatest cell reception or customer service, because they have given my father a job for the past 35 years, allowing him to support my mother and I.

I’m thankful for hockey. Yes, hockey. Hockey has given me something to be passionate about, it brought me and my boyfriend together (no joke, we met at a hockey tournament), and gives me something to connect with friends and family about.

I’m thankful for the Humane Society, Animal Protection Association and all other pet rescue companies. My rescue pup brings an insane amount of joy to my life, and these folks get to give people that same joy day after day.

I’m thankful for the Great Pumpkin (my Eclipse). Without it, I would be unable to go to the job I love every day, visit friends and family, and have some much needed me time with nothing but the radio.

I’m thankful for Martha Foote Crow. If this lovely lady did not decide to start Alpha Phi at Syracuse in 1872, I would not have had the opportunity to grow, lead, and meet some of the most amazing women on earth.

I’m thankful for communications. Communication is such an integral part of my life – my degree (Strategic Communications), my passion (writing), my relationships – that without it, I would not be the same individual I am today.

And yes, I’m thankful for my supportive family, my loving boyfriend, my fantastic friends, and my darling dachshund. But you already knew that. 

Getting Personal

Daddy’s Little Girl

I wanted to write this ridiculously sweet, tear-jerker post about how much I love my daddy (who’s 53 today!) But after thinking about it, a picture is worth a thousand words anyway.

My First Birthday

Aren’t you lucky we don’t make you wear hats like that anymore? Dad did always teach me to be a car girl. Wish I could find a pink vehicle now!

NCAA Frozen Four 2007 at Savvis Center

 Dad also taught me the in’s and out’s of hockey. Now his little girl is still stuck in the hockey world with a playing boyfriend, 10-game season plan, and more Blues merchandise that can fit in my closet. These two nights we’re easily some of the best hockey I’ve ever watched, with the best guy I could imagine bringing.

Alpha Phi Dad’s Weekend 2007 vs. Nebraska

My dad’s the reason I was able to attend such a fine university, join a fabulous sorority and graduate with honors early. Without his help and desire to watch me succeed, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Disney, 2011

I’ve been blessed to have a wonderful dad in my life who has taught me how I should be treated, how to drive a car, how to handle the working world and so much more. My dad is an amazing husband, devoted father, loved son and successful man. It doesn’t matter if i’m two, twenty, or sixty – I will always be my daddy’s little girl. Love you pops, and thanks for everything.