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What to Eat: Nashville

Southern cooking, am I right? I’ve been blessed with many opportunities to visit Nashville, and each time I return home with a new restaurant to brag about. I can honestly say I have never had bad food in Music City, but if you’re limited on time, I’d recommend the following:

Kitchen Notes

That’s right, biscuits. Funny story – the first time I stayed at the Omni, I walked into my room with this video playing, along with a “Welcome to the Omni, Ashley” note on the screen. I love Brett Eldredge, so I was glad to see it…until 45 minutes went by, and I realized I didn’t have a remote to turn it off. Luckily, Brett was right – the biscuit bar at Kitchen Notes is to die for. If you’re staying downtown, walk on over and give it a try – it blows Biscuit Love out of the water.

Acme Seed & Feed

Acme Seed & Feed is home to more than just amazing southern food – Acme Radio broadcasts live from the first floor of the venue. From a food standpoint, the “Rule The Roost” will make you wonder why hot chicken isn’t available in every Cracker Barrel in America. Honestly, I was halfway through the large chicken breast before I even considered taking a picture, and immediately decided I’d rather keep eating. Plus, if you’re not in the mood for traditional southern fare, they have a sushi bar upstairs.

The Stillery

The Stillery

I could do an entire post on what to drink in which bar, but the mason jar cocktails at The Stillery make it worth the stop. Add on delicious appetizers (the deviled eggs have a kick of sriracha to them!) and your choice of hot chicken meals (salad, pizza, mac & cheese), and you’ve got yourself a perfect downtown spot for lunch or dinner.


Step out of the honky tonks and into a classic 50s bar with Merchants. This spot has a casual feel downstairs with amazing fried green tomatoes and custom-made cocktails, while the upstairs is a more formal affair. 

Martin’s BBQ


When you hear BBQ, you probably think of Memphis or Kansas City, but I’m here to tell you that Martin’s BBQ will put Nashville on the map. There are two locations – one downtown across from the Omni hotel, and one in Belmont. I visited the original in Belmont, and have to say, it’s worth the drive through some of Nashville’s cutest neighborhoods. Mac & cheese lovers, choose different side – it’s boxed. But, you can skip sides all together, because the Brisket Tacos are delicious and filling.

The Southern

The Southern is the place you take your clients, in-laws and others you’re looking to impress. The food, while pricey, is delicious. I’ve also heard fantastic things about their brunch!

Puckett’s Grocery & Restaurant

Puckett's Grocery

Mini chicken and waffles + biscuits and gravy make Puckett’s a match made in Southern brunch heaven. Don’t skip the hashbrown casserole! They’re on my list for lunch and dinner next time – if you beat me to it, let me know how it is!

Bakersfield Tacos

I almost skipped this, as they have locations in Charlotte, Cincinnati, Columbus, Indianapolis and Pittsburgh, but it’s such a great break in your week of fried Southern fare. Even if you just stop by for the Spicy Margarita and queso, it’s worth the trip.

Did I miss any hot spots in Nashville? Leave a comment with your favorite local fare!

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Top 5: Things I’m Most Excited for in February.

Although this is the month I cannot spell to save my life (seriously, I’m shocked my spell checker doesn’t pop up a box that says “Seriously, it’s not that hard.”), I’ve got some good things going this month that I must share.

1. DGB signs with Mizzou: OK – This just happened like 30 minutes ago, but it’s pretty awesome that my alma mater got the #1 recruit in the nation, Dorial Green-Beckham. That will be quite a way to start our first season in the SEC off!

2. Visiting Antique Archaeology in Nashville: Does anyone else watch American Pickers? These guys are hilarious, and they find the most interesting things throughout the country to sell at their stores in Iowa and Nashville. And lucky for me – I get to go to the Nashville store! I doubt we’ll come home with an Indian, but you can bet I’ll be proudly wearing my tee!

3. St. Louis Blues at Nashville Predators: This is the real reason we’re heading to Nashville this weekend. I’ve been to an away Cardinals game at Pittsburgh, but the rivalry wasn’t there. The Blues and Nashville have just one point separating them in the West. Plus, I’ve got a Backes jersey to wear (with cowboy boots – don’t judge) and a strange urge to hear “I like it, I love it.” But only once.

4. Super Bowl XVIII: If you’re thinking, “why does she care about the game?” You’re completely right – I don’t. But I do love the ads! The ones I’ve seen so far have been awesome, and I can’t wait for more.

5. Valentine’s Day! I know, I know. Completely cheesy, but I like it! Plus, I picked up a super cute dress from Express that I’m dying to wear.

So what are you looking forward to most in February? Any leap year babies? Hopefully it’s a great month for all!