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Things St. Louis Guys Love

STL Today Fourms


Trivia Nights

The Fast Line on 101 ESPN


Hot Shots



The Fox Sports Midwest Girls


Complaining About Parking Downtown

Baseball in October

Being Afraid to Go Downtown

High School Rivalries


Oh, and St. Louis Girls.


St. Louis Blues Opening Video

Every opening night, I make sure to be in my seat early enough to see the pre-game video for the first time. Saturday was one of those nights, premiering a video that is sure to give Blues fans chills. It brings together past and present, with a glimmer of hope for the future.

And after seeing a powerful special teams unit, offensive explosion from Vladimir Tarasenko and a solid (yet simple) effort between the pipes, that glimmer of hope could become more.

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This is How You Do Advertising: Long Live the Note

Thank you Lord, the Blues finally learned how to use advertising as an effective tool.

It beats “Don’t Stop Believing,” that’s for sure.


This Is How You Do Advertising: Monsters University & Nike

I love great advertising. Plain and simple. And the Monsters University spot shown during the Rose Bowl and Fiesta Bowl this past week is just that: great.

It fit in SO well with the college football experience (I have teared up at the Mizzou spot a time or two), and the website is fantastic. Plus, it’s Disney-Pixar. They can’t screw up in my mind.

Also this week, Nike released what might as well be ad of the year (to hockey fans, at least).

Is hockey really Nike’s? Not in America. But dammit, it’s not the NHL’s. And the fact that Steve Stamkos is holding a fish and Ovechkin is just hanging out, speaking Russian in Russia is fabulous.

What ads are you crushing over in 2013?


Breaking My Silence

I’ve been reasonably quiet concerning the impending NHL lockout, but I can’t hold my silence anymore.

I call bullshit.

Bullshit to Gary Bettman and Donald Fehr for not spending June 12 – Sept. 16 working on a new contract. Bullshit on players and owners for not believing that $3.2 billion dollars split wasn’t enough for either side. Bullshit on Gary Bettman, who makes more then Marian Hossa, Henrik Zetterberg, Rick Nash and Sidney Crosby. Actually, only 15 players out of the nearly 1000 under the NHLPA make more than Bettman, at $7.98 million in 2011-2012. Bullshit to the thousands of fans who spend their hard working money on season tickets, suites and nosebleed seats to bring their dad, son, daughter or friend with the hopes of seeing something amazing. Bullshit to the bars, restaurants, parking garages and scalpers trying to get by. Bullshit to the ticket reps, mascots and concessions workers with resumes on Craigslist. Bullshit to every former player, executive, owner and coach who has their name forever engraved on Lord Stanley.

And mostly bullshit to me, for still believing in a league that has done so little to keep me in mind.