Make Dinner Easy (Downloadable PDF!)

Being a homeowner and working full-time does not always leave time for Pinterest-inspired meals. However, with enough preparation, you can impress your parents, roommates or significant other. How do you prepare, you ask? With my handy dandy meal planner.


Organizing a Small Space

If any of you have ever lived in a sorority house, apartment or dorm room, you understand what a pain it is to fit all of your stuff. I will never figure out how on earth Kait & I managed in that puny little room at A-Phi our sophomore year, but somehow we did. Yes, you’ll always find a way to fit everything, however, that doesn’t mean you’ll like it. This is where my closet comes in.

I failed to take a before photo, but just assume it was bad. I was presented with the task of removing my over the door shoe rack due to inconvenience and annoyance. OK, but where the hell was I going to go with all those shoes?

So, first things first, I cleaned out my closet. I went through and took out ALL of my tees, tanks, dresses and jeans. The ones I wasn’t wearing or didn’t fit went in one pile (I wound up with a huge pile of hangers), and the ones I wanted were color coded and placed back in the closet. The back row of clothes you see was originally just my winter items, so I went ahead and added my tees and tanks, and color coded the lot [tanks, tees, long sleeves/sweaters – white, roygbiv, gray, black].

This left me with the opening you see on the left. When we moved in, I shoved the bottom row up so that I could hang things. This worked out to my advantage, because it left me with two rows to play with. I put my higher heels at the top (it just worked better) and the lower ones at the bottom. On the shelf are my boots, and my flats are on my three-drawer shelves (not pictured). Lucky for me, I also have a bin in my entry way with the rest of my shoes, and I keep my winter-esq boots (note, Uggs) in the coat closet. I plan on buying this little gem from Ikea after Christmas to replace my plastic bin. Then, I strung my scarves through the additional slots on top and bottom.

Here’s a better shot of that corner:

Note, the side of the wall on the left has little cork boards with my necklaces pinned. Seriously, you can pick up four for like $5 at Hobby Lobby, and it’s genius.

This may not work for everyone, but it is proof that you can get organized within a small space.


My New Obsession: Pinterest

Can someone explain to me how today was my first interaction with Pinterest? This genius of a website allows you to “pin” ideas, photos, recipes and more to categorized “boards” for future reference. From a craft perspective, this is perfect. From a productivity standpoint, it’s about as destructive as Hiroshima.

To get started, you need to request an invite, however mine came within 20 minutes. Then the fun begins . Pinterest will import followers from Twitter or Facebook to get you started. After asking for your interests, they will choose people you should “follow.” Then comes a webpage full of everything that could ever possibly interest you. Food, babies, wedding ideas, crafts – you name it. You can also “pin” things from the web.

Seriously – this is probably the best website since Facebook (and with the redesigns, probably better.) I’ve got about 20 recipes lined up to try, a billion crafts to make, ideas for my future wedding and home all in one place. I can’t think of a single girl who would not benefit from Pinterest.

This isn’t paid – I’m seriously just obsessed. And mind you, that’s after 3 hours of play time on the website. Hell, writing this post is my first Pinterest break and I’m dying to get back on.

I don’t care what you think – try it out. And if you get nothing done for the next 24 hours? Sorry I’m Not Sorry.