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One of the best things about St. Louis is our diverse neighborhoods. Soulard boasts one of the largest Mardi Gras celebrations outside of NOLA; the Hill has some of the best Italian food you will ever taste. In the county, however (the city of St. Louis and county are separated, in case you didn’t know) these “neighborhoods” tend to have a much more varying split of opinions. Ballwin and Rock Hill are both ranked highly in “best areas to live in polls.” Clayton, Ladue and even Chesterfield can be seen as snotty. South County is seen as hoosierish (oh yeah, we also use the word “Hoosier” in place of “Redneck”).

st. louis

Things St. Louis Guys Love

STL Today Fourms


Trivia Nights

The Fast Line on 101 ESPN


Hot Shots



The Fox Sports Midwest Girls


Complaining About Parking Downtown

Baseball in October

Being Afraid to Go Downtown

High School Rivalries


Oh, and St. Louis Girls.

st. louis

Things St. Louis Girls Love

Buzzfeed has done great with Things Millennial Girls Love and Things Millennial Guys Love, but this is St. Louis. We love our own breed of things, like…

What High School Should We Call Me

The Cup


David Freese

Wild Country

Imos Pizza

Budweiser Tours

Mason & Remy

Float Trips

The Lawn at Verizon Wireless Ampitheater

Ted Drewes

Stay tuned – Things St. Louis Guys Love will be posted Monday!